Timeline of Oranjestad

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This is a non-exhaustive chronology of Oranjestad-related events, which may reflect political events and important global events that have influenced the development of present-day Oranjestad.

9th Century through 15th Century

  • 841: Uninhabited Oranjestad wilderness given to Elkheim Priory by High Cube Clermont II
  • 963: Region comes under personal possession of House Torrance after ancestral lands are traded with Elkheim Priory
  • 965: Oranjestad is declared a County by Mainland rulers, with House Torrance ruling over the area
  • 1235: Skylan is first founded as a duchy within the Kingdom of New Haven
  • 1451: Pemmican is first founded as a Mainland port
  • 1477: Lands default to direct Mainland rule after House Torrance becomes extinct
  • 1498: Skylan becomes an independent kingdom

16th through 18th Century

  • 1545: Coda is first founded as a Mainland colony
  • 1574: Region is elevated from County to Duchy by Mainland rulers
  • 1684-1697: Skylan Occupation of Oranjestad
  • 1686: Formation of the Eastern League
  • 1687-1697: War of the Grand Alliance
  • 1697: Oranjestad reclaimed as a Mainland possession in the Treaty of Fat-Llama
  • 1795-1815: Second Occupation by Skylan

19th Century

  • 1810-1815: War of the Grand Coalition
  • 1813: Wolf Island, Dukedom, FridayFunLand, Alpha Forest (still under Athitican control) ceded to Mainland
  • 1815: Congress of Alqualonde, giving Oranjestad official independence and control over the colonies of Coda, Pemmican, Etouffee, and Garbanzo
  • 1815: Lord Nebbers I declared monarch
  • 1823: Voynich is discovered by Oranjestad explorers
  • 1828: Shadynasty is founded as a military post and medical center
  • 1833: Alfa Beach, then called Isfahan, is first founded
  • 1837: Blackmill is purchased by Summit Fruit Company, an Oranjestad-based conglomerate
  • 1842: Oranjestad is integrated into the Eastern Economic Prosperity Zone, along with Petra, Shan-ning, Fraser, and New Ann Arbor
  • 1857: Reeder is founded as Andolini, south of Fraggle Rock quarry
  • 1867: Crisis of sovereignty is resolved by Second Treaty of Venice - Mainland garrison is withdrawn
  • 1870: Irvington founded as an independent community
  • 1871: Haverhill is incorporated into Oranjestad. Lusus Caverns are first discovered
  • 1872: Skylan area formally ceded to Oranjestad
  • 1890-1901: Oranjestad government is transitioned to a constitutional monarchy - the first Oranjestad Constitution is written during this time


  • 1902: Isfahan (present day Alfa Beach) and Irvington are annexed into Metropolitan Oranjestad
  • 1908: Pemmican is destroyed by a major earthquake
  • 1910: Gerlach becomes an Oranjestad colony
  • 1927- 1929: The Great War: Oranjestad supports the Overtakers, who ultimately lost the war
  • 1930: Civil unrest in the wake of significant political upheaval throughout the world after the War bring about a second Oranjestad Constitution, reorganizing the nation as a "Grand Republic"
  • 1932: Second Constitution is ratified
  • 1929: Big League is officially ceded to Oranjestad by Ebethron
  • 1940-1945: Oranjestad is occupied and subsequently annexed by invading Exton. The nation is liberated by Allied forces between Sept 1944 and Jan 1945


  • 1955: Voynich votes to join Oranjestad
  • 1962: Blackmill comes under direct Oranjestad colonial control
  • 1970: Dillman Farm is sold to Oranjestad - becomes the Brahmin Beach neighborhood
  • 1980: Reeder (then called Andolini) is destroyed by an F4 tornado
  • 1984: Oranjestad Constitution is amended to allow government to be reorganized as a Technocratic Republic, giving key industries permanent positions within the government
  • 1998: Aeolus Remnants appeared above Olde Orangetown thanks to a trans-dimensional rift


  • 2001: Aeolus Remnants drifts away from it's Olde Orangetown moorings and sinks to ground level between Aboite and Budapest
  • 2005: Cosmic Space Worm City is destroyed by Hurricane Jimmy
  • 2015: Gala neighborhood collapses
  • 2015: A portion of Cosmic Space Worm City is drained and rehabilitated by Franklin Trudeau
  • 2018: A humanitarian mission to Havana brings the area under de facto Oranjestad rule