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Alfa Beach is a neighborhood along the Southern Rim of Homestar Bay in Oranjestad. It sits directly north of Irvington and west of Brahmin Beach. In the early 1950s Alfa Beach was born out of the ashes of the old Isfahan neighborhood. Alfa Beach is a major regional tourist draw because of its recreational beaches and close proximity to the Dukeside National Park. The area is dissected by the Orangetown Highway, which creates an artificial border separating the touristy and wealthy northern side to the older, working class southern side (known locally as “Beta Beach”).


In 1833, the Oranjestad government granted Jay R. Monroe a parcel of land along the southern shore of Homestar Bay. Monroe sought to develop the land and in the 1850s the first permanent settlers arrived. Alfa Beach was incorporated as a village, then called Isfahan, in 1869, and was annexed by Metropolitan Oranjestad in 1902.

In 1915, the Orangetown Highway was built through the neighborhood, beginning an era of foreign shipments that would last until the mid-1930s. Shortly after this boom period, the economy faltered and Isfahan fell into disrepair. Oranjestad sought to revitalize the area and in 1946 began the demolition of the entire Isfahan neighborhood. There are no surviving original structures. In the 1950s and 1960s Isfahan was rebuilt as Alfa Beach and several new businesses came to the area.

List of Structures

Spoils of Lordship Vault

  • This vault was custom-built by ASMR Architects for Lord Nebbers. The vault houses unique and rare items, including books, maps, quest items, player heads, banners, and unique named items from around the world.

Oranjestad Trash Incinerator

  • Oranjestad features a state-of-the-art waste disposal system, which operates by simply dumping any and all municipal waste into a vat of liquid hot magma. Fumes are automatically Febrezed when they exit the chimney, so the smell of burning trash is actually quite pleasant. On an unrelated note, the cancer rate for individuals living downwind of the incinerator is about 400% normal levels.

Cyclosa Apartments

Eventus Piano School

Bourbon Street Hideaway

Mugs Coffee

Alfa Beach Surf Shop

Ayu’s Pub

Franklin’s Fences

4 Condos in Alfa Beach

Colonial Ben’s Bar & Grill

Dalamatian Bank & Trust

Hartman Tower

  • Home to Despair Inc., a demotivation company devoted to spreading depression and decreasing productivity worldwide.

Sundown Tower

  • Home to Atwater Capital, a Capital Investment Firm dedicated to making money, creating wealth, and T.C.O.B. (Taking Care Of Business).

Alfa Beach Hyperloop Station

88 Lines About 44 Women

  • Located in southern Alfa Beach ('beta beach'), this museum is dedicated to one man's sexual history.

Murphy’s Pawn Shop

God’s Guiding Light Family Shelter

Check Into Cash

  • The local usurer, preying on the poor and illiterate with unreasonably high interest loans.

Community Spirits Liquor Store

Golden Ace Inn (Abandoned)

Vinci Repairs (Abandoned)

The Fishy Taco

  • Oranjestad's one and only strip club

13 homes in ‘Beta’ beach

Shire Canals Dredge Plant

  • The dredge plant pumps out silt from the canal system, ensuring the canals remain navigable

Behind the Scenes

The area is named after a Com Truise song of the same name.

The area was once called Isfahan, a Duke Ellington song. The area was themed ‘blue’, with several blue wool decorations and lapis item frames. The buildings were mostly Shanevr medieval style homes copied from the mainland. The beachfront was once a build made by Slyypenguin in the Tyrozone. There were two buildings from keikei’s Silex Civis and one from Mattropolis. These have all been deleted and are being replaced with all original buildings created by nebbers.