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Meijin Hills a neighborhood in the southeast corner of Oranjestad. It is south of Brahmin Beach and sits on the eastern base of Skylan Mountain. The area is known for it’s exemplary architecture. It is unofficially known as the Tyro Museum, as each of the buildings was created by a different architect, each of which went on to rise through the ranks of the Shire architecture community.

Shire Geographic Traveler ranked Meijin Hills 11th on its historic destinations list in late 2008, describing the neighborhood as "authentic, unique, and unspoiled.”

Behind the Scenes

Meijin Hills is really the relocated Tyro Museum. Shire Arbiter Lord_Drekar created a place where great Tyro builds could be put on display. Lord nebbers needed to fill the empty space south of Brahmin Beach and relocated the Tyro Museum to it’s present location.