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Olde Orangetown is the oldest part of Oranjestad and comprises the majority of Oranjestad’s central business district (with other parts crossing into Summit and Haverhill). The community area is bounded on the east by the Skylan Highway and canal, on the north by the Haverhill canal, on the south and west by Homestar Bay. As a business center, Olde Orangetown hosts 35 separate businesses, employing upwards of 204 people. The area is home to numerous parks, two farmers markets, two museums, and the world famous FlightWave Building. Other major cultural institutions that call this area home include the Rainbow Towers, Explorer’s Guild Memorial Clocktower, and the Bluth banana stands.


According to the 2015 census estimate, approximately 100 people live in the Olde Orangetown. The area draws most visitors from surrounding neighborhoods.


Orangetown architecture has been dominated by high-rises since early in its history. Notable buildings include Sombrero Tower; Dalaam Tower; and Florentine Pogen Tower, the tallest building in the neighborhood. Each of the buildings were at one point the tallest structure in the city.

This area abounds in shopping opportunities, including Farmer’s Market Row and Willemstad Drive, although it competes with the more upscale Summit area to the east. Olde Orangetown has a famous skyline which features many of the tallest buildings in the world. Olde Orangetown contains a wealth of outdoor sculpture and green space, including Cluggish Square, underneath Florentine Pogen Tower. The Skylan Canal, which delineates the eastern edge of the area, also provides entertainment and recreational opportunities, including the annual dyeing of the river green in honor of St. Patricks Day. Trips down the canal, including architectural tours, by commercial boat operators are great favorites with both locals and tourists.

Olde Orangetown, along with the rest of downtown Oranjestad, is one of the largest commercial business districts in the Shire. Sx3 Corporation has its commercial and retail banking headquarters in Sombrero Tower. Scaraba Clothing has its headquarters in Dalaam Tower. In addition, Giygas Inc and Starman Enterprises also have their headquarters in Dalaam Tower. The BORK Group has its Oranjestad regional headquarters in Girondelle Tower. The Central Scrutinizer Discorporation and Nebworks Inc’s regional headquarters are both located in Olde Orangetown as well.

List of Buildings

  • Pink Moon Tower: Home of 'Uncle Remus Bookstore'. One of the three 'Rainbow' towers.
  • Beach Fossil: A converted tenement building hosting 5 different businesses, including; Zhora’s Whora Massage Parlor, JF Sebastian’s Automata, Hannibal Chew's LASIK, Dave Holden's Voight-Kampf Testing Services, and Harry Bryant’s PI Services.
  • Yellow Brick Tower: A residential tower - the first tier is home to a community shelter. The tower is one of the 'Rainbow' towers.
  • Amsterdam Tower: A residential tower, featuring a handful of studio apartments.
  • The Oranje Cliffs: A commercial/retail tower, featuring three businesses: Rigby's Fine Vegan Meals (Tier 3), Telephasic Workshop (Tier 2), and Didier Meats (Tier 1).
  • Wuthering Heights: A commercial/corporate tower with two tenants: Nebworks, LLC and The Great Om Skytemple & Knowledge Center
  • FlightWave Building: This tower is famous for its many boutique shops and studios. Tenants include: Hyperlips Custom Lipstick, Alfa Beach Custom Surfboards, Arkade Design Studio, Dreambender Custom Mattresses, and Ether Drift Custom Bike Designs.
  • Abacus Tower: A residential building with several studio apartments. It is the official '0,0' point in the city from which all addresses radiate outward from, and delineates the city in North, East, South, and West quadrants.
  • Sombrero Tower: This corporate tower is home to the Sx3 Corporation, a global conglomerate. The top floor is an observation room for the Shire Tourism board.
  • Ye Olde Cluggish House: The house originally belonged to the honorable H.W. Jules Cluggish, an important founding figure in the early decades of Oranjestad.
  • Dalaam Tower: A retail/corporate tower featuring three businesses: Scaraba Clothing, Giygas Inc (supplier of enchantments), and Starman Enterprises.
  • Police Kiosk & Guard Tower: One of the oldest buildings in the city.
  • Florentine Pogen Tower: Home of the Central Scrutinizer Discorporation.
  • Pilot Jones: An abandoned single-family home.
  • Fantino Stair Tower: Connecting Tier 1, 2 and 3.
  • Leon Kowalski Memorial Gazebo: In memory of Leon Kowalski, who got drunk and fell from Tier 3 and into a pack of wolves on Tier 1. The wolves assisted him to St. God's Hospital, but upon arriving Leon bought a bag of peanuts from the lobby vending machine and promptly died from asphyxiation after attempting to swallow the bag whole.
  • Cristobal Risquez Residence: A single family home with a view.
  • Roy Batty’s House: A single family home that will make you question what it means to be human.
  • Sierra Leone Vendor Stalls: Four vendors set up on Tier 2.
  • Bluthton Banana Stands: Three of these banana stands can be found on each of the tiers in Olde Orangetown.
  • Explorer’s Guild Memorial Clocktower: Dedicated to remembering the Explorer's Guild that used to exist in the Oranjestad area when the land was just forest.
  • Vartistia Museum & Observation Deck: This museum is a replica of a tower that existed in the ancient town of Vartistia. Hours are 12-6 M-F.
  • Pantagruel’s Police Watchtower: A small observation tower formerly used to monitor canal traffic. Today the tower is just used in pranks towards rookie officers.
  • Girondelle Tower: Home to the regional HQ of the BORK GROUP, INC.
  • Olde Silex Harbor Watch: A small observation tower popular with tourists.
  • Farmers Market Row: Five vendor stalls selling a wide variety of items.
  • Strataca Condominiums: A 15-storey luxury condo building, descending into the Strataca Ice Caves underground.
  • Dr. Zhivago’s Canal Lift: This is a seated zip line that cruises above the canal system on Tier 2.