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Nebworks, LLC is a versatile construction firm specializing in infrastructure development and large-scale earthworks. It is headquartered in Olde Orangetown, Oranjestad, in the Wuthering Heights tower. A second office can be found in The Centro District of New Venice on Two Jade Street.


Terraforming: Nebworks has created virtually every type of landscape - from steep canyons and valleys, to the highest peaks. This work is instrumental in creating a suitable building environment for many Shire projects. Examples include the mountain and valley of Pangea, the valley of Minas Tirith, the Transfagarasan Mountains, and the plateau of Niflheim.

Landscaping: Landscaping can make or break a project. Nebworks strives to provide an enriching experience for any build. Their landscaping crew is responsible for the manicured lawns of the Mainland, the retention wall systems of Oranjestad, and the forests of Fangorn and Mirkwood.

Highway & Waterworks: Building off the momentum of former STA Director LttylerJ30, Nebworks has extended the Intershire Highway System to the vast corners of the Shire, reaching from Castle Aargh in the southwest to the far northeast of Oldeshire. Nebworks is also responsible for the Mainland sewer system, which stretches as far south as Falore. The Imperial Aqueduct system was also constructed by Nebworks.

Aesthetics & General Effect: Nebworks offers free consulting for clients who are in need of an experienced eye to find that spark missing from a project.

Exterior Construction: Nebworks has helped construct many famous Shire buildings, including; Belthil, Odd Facade Resort & Casino, Dukedom, Shire Government Offices among hundreds of others.

Border Protection: Nebworks works with local region leaders to provide them with world-class WorldGuard® Protection Services.

Demolition: The firm's subsidiary, Mr. Wolf Demolition, is responsible for clearing hundreds of abandoned or law-breaking structures found throughout the Shire.

Project Relocation: The firm also has an advanced system for moving nearly any project across the world.