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Venezia Nuova (New Venice) is the second most populous city in Central Shire, and the capital city of Venice County. The city covers the largest surface area, compared to all other settlements in The Shire.

Venezia Nuova is a prominent centre for opera, cuisine, luxury shopping, and is home to several headquarters of The Shire’s major companies including the Venezia Nuova Group and Nebworks.

The city is proud to extend free education to its citizens, and free rail travel to all.


New Venice is home to Università di Venezia Nuova, which occupies 24 inter-connected buildings that span several districts. The university provides free education to citizens of Venezia Nuova, and provides internet connectivity and telephony services to most of the city.

Read more at Universita di Venezia Nuova.


Venezia Nuova is a major railway hub in The Shire, with 10 railway lines either passing through or terminating in the city. Direct rail services can take you as far as Groenevelden in the west, and as Laurelian in the north-east; the majority of railway stations in The Shire are reachable with only one line change.

Canals criss-cross the city, and the city centre is home to several mooring points that can be reserved in advance by contacting the town hall. Canal users are required to register with the Venezia Nuova Waterways Association and complete a short training course.

While not strictly within city limits, there exists an underground ice tunnel connecting Bork with Oranjestad. The tunnel entrance is situated next to Bork East railway station on the Venezia Overground north loop.