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Rex Kwon Do is a small fishing village, formerly in the Vallachia Department of Oranjestad. Rex Kwon Do is located just east of Anchorhead, spread out on several swamp islands. The village was purchased by Venice in June 2018. The village has 262 residents.


The name Rex Kwon Do is the Shai phrase of Rakh Saite-Twêy (literally, "the place where the war meets"). When Shai King Bodaw invaded the region in 784, the village defenders encountered the invading force in the marshlands. In the ensuing battle, which was waged on both land and water, the Shai King forces were defeated.

In early 1775, during the Fraggle Rock Expedition, Mainlander forces landed in the village and stationed their forces by the ancient pagoda, which is still standing. The Mainlanders recorded the city name as Rex Kwon Do in error.


Originally a small fishing village, Rex Kwon Do became an important seat of maritime commerce, especially as a port for the export of rice after the Mainlander occupation of Fraggle Rock.

In 1779, after the Fraggle Rock Expedition and subsequent occupation of the area, the Mainlander forces transferred military command to Rex Kwon Do. The village was under Mainlander rule for sixteen years, after which it fell into Skylan hands during the War of the Grand Coalition. By the end of the war in 1815, the village had changed hands between Mainland, Skylan, and local Enpeecee insurgent forces on eleven different occasions. Mainland forces reoccupied the area after the war until 1867, when the second Treaty of Venice relinquished control of the village to Oranjestad.

Rex Kwon Do is the birthplace of the political monk movement. It was the birthplace of Rau Jae, the first monk who protested against the colonial Mainlanders through the act of self-immolation. In total, there have been 22 self-immolation protests carried out by Rex Kwon Do monks since Rau Jae committed the act in 1822, the last of which occurred in 2007.

In June 2018, Oranjestad relinquished control of Rex Kwon Do to New Venice, ending 151 years of Oranjestad rule. Rex Kwon Do was Oranjestad's last colony in Vallachia, save for a few isolated buildings.


The largest ethnic group in Rex Kwon Do is the Rex people, a sub-culture of Shai peoples. Alongside, there are Enpeecee and Humans from throughout the Oldeshire and Vallachia regions. The vast majority practices a local variety of shamanism.


Rex Kwon Do's climate is classified as a tropical monsoon climate. The city experiences a dry season from December through April, and an extraordinarily rainy wet season covering the remaining seven months. Rex Kwon Do sees average rainfall in excess of 1 meter (40 in) per month during June, July and August. Conditions are noticeably cooler and less humid in the months of December, January and February than during the remainder of the year.