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LlamaPo Construction Ltd. Is a subsidiary of the Venezia Nuova Group. It is responsible for the construction and upkeep of several items of railway infrastructure across The Shire.


LlamaPo manages several stations across The Shire, some of which are:


LlamaPo has constructed, and now maintains, several railway lines across The Shire. These include:

The company is presently working on 1 new railway line, and 1 project to extend an existing line.

  • The Empire Line from Sunspear to Clarisse or Pitfall
    • The Clarisse spur of this line is currently in operation
    • Discussions are currently being held over the possibility of extending the Clarisse spur of the Empire Line to settlements in the South-East of The Shire
  • The Venezia Metro outer and inner loops, which will enable rail travel between all mainline stations within the city
    • This project is still in its planning phase. Work is expected to begin in September 2015