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Central Railway Station is the oldest railway station in The Shire. Located in the Central District, it is a mainline station which is served by 4 lines. Central Railway Station acts as an interchange between 3 inter-city lines, and local services operating on the Lamia Line (Mainland Subway). It is managed by the Shire Transit Authority.

Exterior of Central Railway Station.


Central Railway Station was initially constructed by nebbers and ctshiner as a base of operations in fall 2010. By early 2011, Engineer LtTylerJ30 and Electrician Dendrago remodeled the base into a working train station. The station also serves as a central hub for an extensive network of tunnels under the Mainland. The station was the hub of The Shire's first railway system, which became antiquated in early 2011. It was rebuilt in late 2012 by Architect Keikei, and Engineers Fatllama and Andy.


Platform 1 - Aether Line.

The station is situated in the Central District, in the heart of the Mainland. It is a grade II building, protected from demolition by the Shire Transit Authority. The station is constructed of light-red brick, stone brick and glass – with gold block dressings.

The four platforms are situated below ground level, with access by an interior staircase and a rear staircase situated on the east wall of the station.

Platforms 1 and 2 — the Quintus Line and Aether Line, respectively — are on the Lower Ground 1 level, with platforms 3 and 4 — the Lamia Line and Hestia Line, respectively — on the Lower Ground 2 level.

The ground floor of the station comprises a large booking hall, with steps leading down to all railway platforms. The station has 3 exits, 2 at Ground level and 1 exit on Lower-Ground 1.

The Station Today

Central Railway Station is managed by The Shire Transit Authority. It has 8 passenger platforms, 2 for each of the 4 lines that it serves.


Location on the Railway Map.

The station is served by the following lines: