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Nebbers is an admin and current owner of the Shire server.


Nebbers started playing on the Shire on its very first day of operation, which is presumed to be Oct 15 2010. The server was started by ctshiner, mmerkler, and nebbers. Day-to-day operations transitioned to nebbers in spring 2011, and despite repeated attempts to retire and escape the responsibilities, enormous time-suck, and stress of running a community, he continues to be pulled back in and has remained with the server since the beginning.


He personally considers it to be a waste of time, as well as a slap in the face to the community he loves, to play on any other server. The Shire represents the collective efforts of thousands of individuals, as well as what probably adds up to weeks of neb's life, and to put any time into some place else means that much time and effort is not being invested in the Shire.

Nebbers sees more than just blocks of dirt and grass. He sees a greater community capable of spawning something beyond Minecraft. Within this server exists enough creativity and imagination to spawn a vast empire of fictional knowledge, on par with Tolkien or the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Cartoons, maps, news articles, a fully gelled wiki, and novels all exist within our cuboid universe just waiting to be created. Vast storylines and epics exist within our collective dreamland. We're constantly aware of our imaginary communities: The dark, seedy characters in the alleyways of Fulfwotz; the salty seaside breeze gently billowing the curtains of some Venezian villa; the shoulder-to-shoulder pedestrian traffic during rush hour in Oranjestad. All of these places have been shaped from our own mind and our own experiences. It's what keeps us coming back for more.

Nebbers dreams of one day creating a LOTR/Tolkien-esque style map of the Shire, though the time and effort have thus far eluded him. And the fact that the map is perpetually changing hinders its creation as well. His obsession with maps means he's often scrolling around the dynmap, making up stories and trying to figure out what's missing - or what comes next. His unhealthy dynmap viewing habits have also led to the creation of Mr Wolf, who seeks out and destroys unsightly or abandoned, ugly projects.


There are few places in the Shire that have been untouched by nebbers, whether through helping another builder, creating brand new landscapes, building roads and highways, or through his own builds. But in truth, the same can be said for many people - many of his projects have been critiqued or requested by, or made in collaboration with other members. Here is a list of many of his favorite projects he's worked on. For specifics, ask him in-game some time for a tour of the projects and learn about all the different people who he worked with on each and every one of these:

  • Much of the Mainland
  • Oranjestad (Except Meijin Hills neighborhood)
  • Skylan Mountain
  • Ruinification of Skylan, Petra, and several other forgotten projects
  • Destruction and Deletion of hundreds of bad projects (as Mr. Wolf)
  • Belthil
  • Intershire Highway System
  • Petra Mountain
  • Entire East Side River System
  • Karnak transformation into the Tyrozone
  • Pangea landscape and moving entire area from now defunct map
  • Plateau of Niflheim and /warp port
  • Land fill and mountain ranges in and south of /warp olympics (formerly ocean)
  • Mountain range of Transfagarasan
  • Mountain range encircling Fulfwotz
  • Mountain and water fall system at the old Modaora location
  • Sandy mountain of Talmis
  • millions upon millions of block edits, smoothing, blending, water fixing, and terraforming border lands that were 'broken' as a result of a Minecraft update.
  • Fraggle Rock Quarry
  • Rescuing of Balesgar and several other builds from defunct Skylands map
  • Arena Ruins
  • Plus hundreds of unique homes, stores, or quest locations strung out all across the Shire

Personal Facts

Nebbers lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. He works in IT and if they knew how much he played Minecraft at work, he'd probably be okay because it's pretty laid back there. He graduated from Indiana University and you can spot the IU influence in a few place names in the Mainland and Oranjestad. Most of what he names or builds is inspired by real-life people or events from his own life, or little things that he enjoys or admires. Intrepid explorers could learn a lot about nebbers if they took the time to explore Oranjestad especially - though they'd have to somehow figure out all the weird cryptic meanings behind the signs... so it's probably folly to attempt.