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Arbemaisonnes is a village near Ivory Coast, Shire United Nations and Kiwimango. It is home to several things, including Kings Of Conquest and the UBIA.


Nobody knows when exactly, but long ago three friends were on an expedition to find new lands for Oranjestad. They were Louis Delareaux, Henk Haven and Austin Lancaster. They were just your average citizens. They agreed to go on an expedition to get a lot of money for whatever they would find. 2 weeks in, they and their crew met someone who warned them about the forest they were headed towards. Most people who went there, never came back. The friends didn't listen to the man, and went to this forest anyway. They would get lost there and almost die of starvation, but after 4 more weeks, they found a camp where all the missing people were. Turns out they met eachother at that spot and they settled, assuming they would never find the way out of the forest. They teamed up with Louis, Henk and Austin, and together they started the village we now refer to as Arbemaisonnes.

In 2021, Arbemaisonnes discovered the rest of the world, and is after all those years finally reconnected with the rest of the Shire. They went on to claim a small Archipelago near Hermes, but Olympia did not appreciate that and declared war. The Archipelago is still a warzone to this day. In the war, Arbemaisonnes decided to ally Soviet Shire, which was a very controversial decision, but after Arbemaisonnes found out about the nuclear weapons in Soviet Shire, they burned the treaty that made them allies, and immediately signed a peace treaty with Olympia and they became allies.

Later on, Arbemaisonnes signed a Trade Agreement with Augusta Traianea.


The main exports of Arbemaisonnes are pipe organs, gunpowder, purple wine and purple dye. The recent trade agreement with Augusta Traianea had a big impact on the economy, and greatly improved the Arbemaisonnese economy.

Culture & Language

In the village Arbemaisonnes, there are about 2000 citizens. In the entire Arbemaisonnese Empire, there's about 30000 citizens. 73% is Arbemaisonnese (which is a mixture of all kinds of ethnicities), 17% Olympian, and the remaining 10% are other ethnicities (Augustan, Ivory Coastian, Sammichian, etc.). The national language of Arbemaisonnes is French, but Dutch is also spoken often, and both are taught in school.

Organizations and Companies