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Zal Industries is a Arbemaisonnese company that produces many things. In Arbemaisonnes they mainly produce pipe organs in the organ factory. Zal Industries was founded in 1727, and the first product they made were tools for builders. In 1810 they started expanding and started selling chairs, tables, cabinets and closets as well. In 1925 they bought several old companies including Crenelles but got rid of most of them at the end of the century. Only Crenelles remains.

Zal Industries has recently bought Delareaux Potions as well in July of 2021

Locations and Branches

  • Zal Industries Terraforming Service (on HQ island)
  • Pipe Organ Factory (Arbemaisonnes)
  • Crenelles Cannons & Gunpowder (Arbemaisonnes)
  • Delareaux Potions (Arbemaisonnes)
  • Beachside Bar (To'ufenua)
  • Café (To'ufenua)
  • Zal Industries Zenophalia, a secondary HQ in Zenophalia to help this town in its development. This is a part of Zal Industries' Small Town Support initiative.
  • RSFC Racing

Plans and Projects

  • Zal Industries is in charge of the construction of a theater in Arbemaisonnes that will replace the Nighthouse.
  • Zal Industries is currently constructing its HQ on HQ island near King's Peninsula.