Arbemaisonnese Empire

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The Arbemaisonnese Empire is a nation with some settlements outside of the capital Arbemaisonnes. It was formed when the Arbemaisonnese finally found the rest of civilization and started trading. Arbemaisonnes took over a few tiny territories that weren't a part of Arbemaisonnes, so the Arbemaisonnese Empire formed.

Settlements & Territories

  • Arbemaisonnes
  • Warzone Archipelago (Dispute with Olympia)


Its main exports are gunpowder, cannons, wine, purple dye and pipe organs. Trade with the Warzone Archipelago has decreased significantly since the war started. In February 2021, the Arbemaisonnese Empire signed a trade agreement with Augusta Traianea, which had a huge impact on the economy.


In the entire empire, there are about 400 000 citizens. 75% Arbemaisonnese, 15% Olympian and 10% other ethnicities.