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Venezia Plaza Railway Station is the oldest railway station in Venezia Nuova. Located in the heart of the Plaza District, it is served by 2 lines. Venezia Plaza Railway Station acts as an interchange between 2 intra-city lines - the Venezia Overground (Venezia Circular) and the Ospedale Line (Connection to the hospital and the Empire Line). It is managed by the Venezia Nuova Group.


Venezia Plaza Railway Station was initially constructed by Andy and Arcticstar as a terminus for the Aether Line in late 2012. The Aether Line never reached Venezia Plaza Railway Station. Instead, the line terminated at Venezia Valeria Railway Station - in close proximity to the University. By early 2013, the station was refitted for the Venezia Overground line. In July 2015, the Ospedale Line—to connect the city's hospital to the railway network—reached the station, which created a route to Venezia Hazellia, via the hospital. Work has begun on the station to facilitate the new Venezia Metro line, which will connect all of the stations in Venezia Nuova that serve inter-city lines.


The station is situated in the Heart of the Venezia Plaza District. The station is constructed of stone, orange-coated brick, and glass – with stone slab dressings.

The Ospedale Line platforms are situated at ground level, with access by two entrances on the ground floor of the station. The Venezia Overground platforms are situated on the first floor, with access to the clockwise route by an interior staircase or ladders. The anti-clockwise route is only accessible by ladders.

The Station Today

Venezia Plaza Railway Station is managed by The Venezia Nuova Group. It has 4 passenger platforms, 2 for each of the 2 lines that it serves.


The station is served by the following lines: