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The Xan Clan (also known as The Xan, Xantech, and Xan Kids) is a highly-functional organized crime syndicate which operates across the entirety of the Shire. It was first formed in 1959 before the turmoil of the White Plague, by the intelligent Sammichian girl named Thatiana Xanthippe. Originally a gang of various Fulfton teenagers, who engaged in illicit activities such as pickpocketing, theft, and burglary, as the members grew older and the unrest from the plague grew stronger, they turned to more violent and heinous crimes, such as bank robbery, arson, murder, drug trafficking, prostitution, and even offering hitman service. When the plague reached its peak, the clan slaughtered weakened rival gangs and claimed their territory, and is suspected of discreetly assuming control of various Fulfwotz companies. It is unknown how many or what companies are under Xan control. The New Sammichian Empire has conducted numerous raids on Xan territory, but the clan proves to be too elusive to be caught.

Formation and History

In the late 60's, when crime and unrest in Fulfwotz had been steadily increasing, a 17 year-old girl named Thatiana Xanthippe organized an amateur street gang in West Fulfton. The First Five, they're called, included Thatiana, Marxos Telyot, Robert Hunt, Clara Seddine, and Wexler Andromeda. Together, they participated in numerous minor crimes throughout the city, primarily in Venezia Beach, stealing purses and wallets of beachgoers and shoppers. The White Plague had become a serious issue in the Shire at this point, but Fulfwotz was under a strict quarantine. It wasn't until that quarantine was breached by the migratory Coconut Swallow that Fulfwotz became infected, and the Xan Kids were able to gain a significant foothold in the city.

As the virus tore through the city, it was discovered that four out of the First Five were already immune to the virus, giving them the ability to resume their operations without fear of getting sick. They claimed new territory in Fulfton, and absorbed weakened gangs. Robert Hunt, who did not have immunity, died at Hell's Row Medical Center two months before the vaccine was discovered. By the end of the White Plague, the Xan Clan had an estimated 200 members. Using this new amount of power, they spread to other cities, expanding the Xan Empire, commonly referred to as the New Sammichian Empire's evil daughter. They are even suspected of assuming control of many businesses throughout the city after the prior proprietors had died, bringing it huge amounts of revenue for the gang.

However, before 1991, most people believed that most crime in Fulfwotz had no connection to each other. It was discovered that the Xan Clan was behind a fair amount when one of Thatiana's closest friends, Randall Barker, was caught by the Fulfwotz Imperial Guard, and in exchange for his freedom, spilled all the information about their syndicate that he knew. Before then, most people didn't even know of Thatiana's existence. Barker was placed in the Witness Protection Program in Oranjestad. On July 6th, 1992, he was found on the balcony of his apartment, hanged from the railing. The Xan Clan's involvement is undeniable. It is regarded that Thatiana herself murdered Barker, due to her own personal tag at the crime scene on his bathroom mirror. Looking at security footage of the lobby a few minutes before people from the street saw Barker be hanged, a suspicious-looking blonde Sammichian woman was seen walking into an elevator. Footage of the hallway outside Barker's apartment shows the same woman knocking on his door.

Later that day, she was found at the Quintus-Oranjestad Train Station, and was taken into custody. It was not long after she was processed that the police station was raided by Xan Clan members, and Thatiana escaped on a blue moped with an unidentified man.