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The Republic of Orange and Purple (Dutch: De Republiek van Oranje en Paars or De Republiek van Oranje en Purpur) is a Constitutional Republic located in the Western Sea in the Thrennex region of The Shire. It's capital is Paarsdam, which was built upon massive stone foundations which rise hundreds of meters from the ocean floor. The Republic primarily speaks Dutch and English, with some Old Britannian still spoken in small communities.

Founded in 1681 CE from naval elements of the shattered Old Britannian tribes, after the Sammichian Razing of Britannia, the "floating city" of Paarsdam was the newly-established center of the sea-faring nation. Stone bricks, carved from beneath the snowy wastes of the frozen continent to the north, were used to expand the tiny island on which the Britannians first landed. From there, the city of Paarsdam expanded to become a thriving epicenter of commerce, industry, and culture in the Western Shire. Initially a Kingdom, the Republic itself was founded in 1698, and was joined by the surrounding provinces of Groenevelden, South Paarsdam (a separate province by governance and population), and Birkenbos, which operate as cooperative autonomous regions within the centralized government. The Republic also maintains seven forts and fortresses in and around the Western Sea, protecting its territories and people from invasion by land and sea.

The government of the Republic is a Parliamentary system, which elects an executive Prime Minister who holds the power to legislate, veto, and order, but is checked by the power of the parliament. The current elected leader is Wuggeh of [[1]]. While the Republic does not allow private land-owning, it does allow for land Stewardship and development, provided that the steward pays for the development and utilities provided, in exchange for personal property protections provided by the state. The Stewards are represented by the House of Stewards in Parliament, in collaboration with the House of Provinces, the second, higher house of Parliament representing the population of the provinces as a whole.


Old Britannia (250 PSY-1679 CE)

The Britannian War

The Rise of Paarsdam (1680-1750 CE)

Trade and Influence

The Great Centralization (1750-1850 CE)

"Welfare of the Masses"

The Great Crises (1850-1950 CE)

The Naval War of 1881

The Great Wars of the Shire

Modern Era (1950-Present Day)


Provincial Governments




Political Relations

Build Information

Visiting The Republic

There are several ways to get to the Republic of Orange and Purple. The easiest way is to /warp to either of the following warp locations:

/warp paarsdam or /warp Groenevelden

However, should you desire to visit the other locations within the Republic, use this map of the local transportation:

Republic Metro Map.jpg