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a stupid city

History begins in 1681 with the Revolution of 1681 in Fulfwotz; people demand representation under the absolute rule of the Ich Dynasty. The Revolution breaks out into the Fulfwotz Civil War, between Republicans and Monarchists. By 1682, the Monarchists have turned the tide of the war in their favor, and the Republicans realize they need the help of the Enpeecee villages scattered throughout the Demmatrodine region. Many of them are already under Fulfwotzian control, and have been forced to support the regime during the war. The Republicans ask the Enpeecee villages to betray the regime and aid their cause, promising to give them representation if they succeeded. The Republicans win the war in 1680, establishing the Sammichian Imperial Chancellery. They go back on their word and do not give the Enpeecee people a voice in government. Outraged, there is a mass exodus of Enpeecee people from the Demmatrodine. They travel far, establishing their own state of Riverwood in 1685. In between 1685 and the First World War, you can come up with filler history. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, the world is very unstable and ripe for war; the Kingdom of Fulfwotz is completing its conquest of the Demmatrodine and is a notorious purveyor of colonialism and imperialism, along with other nations like Venezia Nuova and Oranjestad. Territorial disputes threaten to tear the central Shire apart, and the rival trading cities of Caffa and Paarsdam were already on the verge of war, which would destabilize the economy and disrupt international trade. In its quest for power and territory, the Kingdom of Fulfwotz incites the First World War in 1927. Riverwood is initially a neutral nation, but after Fulfwotz tries to assert authority over it under the cover of war, it’s pushed to the Liberator side. The Liberators win in 1929, but Riverwood has exhausted many of its resources in the fight. In the Treaty of Niflheim, the now-New Sammichian Empire is forced to withdraw involvement from Riverwood, and is VERY bitter over this. Soon after the close of the First World War, around 1930, Riverwood suffers from a terrible famine. It does not have enough food in reserve to feed its people due to supporting the war effort. Many people die, and nations are hesitant to provide any large-scale support due to diplomatic implications with the New Sammichian Empire. However, Venezia Nuova is knowledgeable about natural resources in the area, and is in dire need of them after exhausting their supply in the war. One thing that Venezia does have a lot of is food; so, in 1932, they offer food in exchange for access to Riverwood’s resources. Desperate, the nation agrees (You may want to come up with a name for this formal agreement). Despite the fact that the two countries fought on opposing sides in the war, and Venezia Nuova is one of the NSE’s closest allies, Riverwood and Venezia become very close through their mutually-beneficial agreement. Due to popular support in Riverwood and Venezia, their respective governments hold a joint referendum in 1937 to absorb Riverwood into the Commonwealth of Venezia Nuova. The referendum passes, and Riverwood becomes a part of Venezia. Again, you can come up with your own history from here on out; just be aware of the Second Plague between 1957 and 1962 (look at the Second Plague section on the NSE wiki page for more info).