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High view of New Enderton.

New Enderton is a small city belonging to the Enderian Nation which is located next to the capital of the New Sammichian Empire and is within the Demmatrodine Region. Founded after the destruction of Enderton due to a hurricane in the late 18th century, New Enderton allowed the Enderians to preserve and continue their culture and identity. With the Enderian Nation and the New Sammichian Empire long and continued alliance, it has remained as a home and protection for both Enderians and people of the New Sammichian Empire.

Though New Enderton size is relatively small, it has become one of the largest exporters of seafood within the Demmatrodine Region. Praised for its high quality and taste has given the city a grand reputation and helps support New Enderton as it is their primary source of income. However, the city is also well known for their traditional Enderian cuisine which has continued to influence hundreds and thousands of dishes across the Shire, as well as attracting many tourists to the city of New Enderton.



In the mid 18th century, Enderton was known as one of the fastest growing cities in the Shire. Contributing to their rapid growth was the manufacturing industry of Enderton, leading to tremendous amount of goods that were exported yearly across the Shire. However, when the hurricane of 1876 hit, Enderton was subsequently flooded down hundreds of feet. Due to early warnings from a nearby sailor, the majority of the city of Enderton was safely evacuated from the hurricane. With the city hundreds of feet under water, the Enderians were (without direction.) until the Chancelleric Republic of Fulfwotz offered refuge within their city of Fulfwotz.


Half a decade after the destruction of Enderton due to the hurricane, the Chancelleric Republic of Fulfwotz offered land east off the Fulfwotz gulf which would allow the Enderians to continue and preserve their culture and identity. Though the New Sammichian Empire was showed a tremendous amount of kindness and hospitality, the purpose of the land would allow the creation of a strong protection for Fulfwotz's east bay. The Enderians agreed to the land that was being offered and began to rebuild their new homes


New Enderton is primarily known for their seafood, leading to a large part if the population who are working as commercial fishermen. They often go deep-sea wild fishing in the Demmatrodine Region, bringing in thousands of tonnes of seafood. This large commercial fishing has led to shaping the community and culture of the people that live in New Enderton.

While Enderian are not known to be extremely religious, with the people of New Enderton having such a strong community and life built around fishing, they have developed a spiritual connection with nature, particularly the ocean. They are known to believe and honor the (Name) god for his gifts of the sea that have blessed their community. Before setting out to the sea for the fishing season, the people of New Enderton bring offerings and respect to (Name), hoping for a fruitful and safe journey. Whether or not the god (Name) has aided and benefitted the people of New Enderton, they have become one of the greatest fishermen in Demmatrodine Region as well as the Shire.

Having a community built around fishing has also effected the cuisine of the city. Bringing in Enderian cuisine, they have mixed the cuisine creating amazing seafood dishes. Over the century, the people have developed a reputation for their dishes, their most notable dishes are (name), (name), as well as (name). The people of New Enderton are praised for the quality and taste of their dishes, being recognized in media such as the infamous "Shire Global News." New Enderton's cuisine continurs to influence hundreds of dishes as well as some restaurants such as (name) and (name).



Being surrounded by water has given New Enderton easy access to open waters. New Enderton has taken advantage of their position and has grown their commercial fishing industry to one of the greatest in the world. They export a large portion of their fishing haul which has allowed it to grow their economy exponentially. However, due to the size of New Enderton's land, they are unable to grow and produce many resources. In order to accommodate for the lack of some resources, much of it is imported from the waters through other nations, traveling to the city of Fulfwotz for resources is also a option for New Enderton.

Tourism is also something that has helped the economy of New Enderton. Though New Enderton has little in the areas of entertainment, a large attraction for tourists to visit is the food. Having hundreds and thousands of tourists has been beneficial to the improvement of New Enderton.




In the recent New Enderton census of 2012, the total population of the city was recorded at 142,331. Of the population, 52% are male and 48% are female. Having a origin of being Enderian, 84% of the race are Enderians, 11% are Sammichian, and the remaining 5% are a mix of other races of the Shire. For the city's age, 26.5% of the population are under 18, 56.3% are between the ages of 19 and 40, while 18.7% are older than 40. During the 20th century, the city's population had increased exponentially at a large pace, but recent years show that the population had plateaued at around a population of 140,000. Researchers have speculated this is due to a rise of young adults leaving and looking for work and careers in larger cities such as Fulfwotz.


New Enderton, despite their small population, shows one of the highest percentages of being associated with a religion. Having a small community built around fishing has led to many believing in (name). The population has a staggering 84.6% of the population who are religious, this percentage has remained around the same percentage for the last half century and is not expected to change.

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