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The Netherland is a neighborhood in Metropolitan Oranjestad and a major gateway to the Nether world.


Netherland is the southernmost neighborhood of metropolitan Oranjestad, directly south of Meijin, southeast of Skylan, and just west of College of Minds, across the Budapest River. The area features a very large opening to the netherworld, around which the Netherstore was constructed.


The area was once part of the Skylan Kingdom until its collapse in 1815, but never occupied. It was left wild as most people feared the massive natural nether portal there, save for a few nether occultists.

In 1930, as attitudes toward the Nether shifted, the "Netherstore" was constructed, allowing trade between the two dimensions.


1. Oranje County Athenaeum & Repository - Government records office

2. Netherstore - Nether goods exchange market

3. Tiden Flyver Ampitheatre

4. Netherland Mansion & Labyrinth

5. PodPalace - Affordable housing, interconnected to Lusus