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Owner: Vetous

Date of Completion: 182 AD

History: Vetous once created a quest about a dead pirate named Cage, who died in a storm at sea. The shipwreck of his ship is where the quest starts.

Coordinates: Several

The entirety of this quest is assigned to this case number. Currently, UBIA is trying to find all sites of this quest.

Quest Sites

  • Endsam Citadel Ruins, Coordinates -3811 111 4701
  • Kibarran Desert Statue, Coordinates 6843 70 6422

Expedition West Shire (C2)

This expedition was an attempt at finding the statue on the map we retrieved from the crypts of Endsam Citadel. It was an expedition to all deserts in west shire, but to no avail. Nothing of interest was found, and Expedition West Shire of Case 02 is considered to be a failure.