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Brandywine Village is a historical working-class neighborhood in southwest mainland. The village is bordered by Shai-Town to the north, Odd Facade and Little Caffa to the east, Lamename Village to the south, and Bree to the west. The neighborhood is home to the original Shire Government Offices and was once home to Shire University, with only the Herman B. Wells Library still existing.


Brandywine Village was originally founded as Brandyville and was built within the Brandywine Valley, from which is gets its modern name. Brandywine Village was built from the ruins of Vartistia, a failed city that once existed south of Lamename. Its founder Shanevr722 wanted to start over, and nebbers relocated many of the buildings into Brandywine Village rather than see them deleted.

Brandywine is also home to Elkheim Priory, a gift to nebbers built by Elathuria. It was originally located north of Hwales, but was later moved.

Compared to the rest of the mainland, the neighborhood has gone through relatively few changes. New buildings were added and existing ones were all re-skinned in Fall 2019. Roads were cleaned up, landscaping improved, but otherwise the buildings pasted into the region in 2011 still exist.

Notable Buildings

Herman B Wells Library: This was originally built by nebbers in 2011 as an homage to the real-life Herman B Wells Library in Bloomington, Indiana, where neb attended college. The library has gone through two significant remodels. In 2012 the 'graduate tower' was upgraded by Lobstrex - remodeling the interior and adding an arch to the shape of the building. It was remodeled again by nebbers in late 2019 - primarily exterior and landscape only.

Shire Government Offices: This was built as a way to honor each person who donated to the Shire. Each donor would receive an office which they could decorate or expand as they wished. Today it is largely a time capsule, featuring dozens of offices frozen in time from long since 'retired' players. It's an impressive source of Shire history.

Brandywine Village as of May 2020: