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UBIA (Unknown Building Investigation Agency) is an organization located in Arbemaisonnes that investigates buildings that are not in regions and are pretty unknown and obscure. They will always try to find out who built a given building, when it was built, and the history behind it.

You can report a mysterious building at the UBIA HQ in Arbemaisonnes at these coordinates: -5600 66 -403


  • Zalidia (CEO)
  • Nebbers (Investigative Historian)


A case has three stages it usually goes through. Unsolved, Partially Solved and Solved. A case is unsolved if we do not know at least 2 of the things we need to figure out. For example, if we only know the owner and nothing else, it is unsolved. A case is partially solved when we know 2 things about it. For example, if we know the owner and history, it is partially solved. If we know all 3 things about a case (Date of Completion, owner and history), a case is considered to be solved.

There is a fourth 'stage' a case can reach, which is cold case. If a case is unsolvable according to UBIA, it becomes a cold case and the case is closed.