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Thilas is currently the active WIP project of 0031benjy. Thilas is the current economic, cultural and military capital of the Asaeri Empire. It is planned to be a grand city consisting of a variety of different clans and districts all containing different cultures and histories. Rich in culture, heritage and prosperity, Thilas will become a trade hub of The Shire and will show that democratic and monarchy based governments can work together in harmony and disharmony.

The city is governed by the Consortium, governed primarily by the Highseer and eight subordinate Highlords from the clans of Thilas. Dispute usually breaks out during legislative decisions as many of the clans seek to only further their own people and care little for the progress of the city.



The Cotane Clan is one of the four founding clans of Thilas. Currently led by Frederick Cotane, great-great-grandson of Charles Cotane, this clan is one of the two clans (and the only founding clan) still to be led by a direct relative of its founder . Clan Cotane are the seatholders of the Bayview District within the Consortium.


The Dreadmarch Clan is one of the four new-age clans of Thilas and most recent clan to join to the Consortium. The clan are under the leadership of the infamous Titan Lucius Drake, known throughout the empire as the assassin of George Tywen II, ending the Tywen bloodline. This death caused a large divide within the Tywen clan as Tywen Loyalists stood true to the clan and the Dread Rebellion stated the clan no longer stood true to its original values. After The War of Pelatious ended in both sides losing countless men, the Consortium forced a stalemate between the two and instated the Dreadmarch Reform Act which gave the Rebellion their own lands and rule which in turn created the Dreadmarch Clan. The Dreadmarch are the seatholders of the Bedlam District within the Consortium.


The Endrea Clan is one of the four new-age clans of Thilas. Currently led by Varserys Eastcrowe (formerly Varserys Ashmore)





Unity State


Aspen District

Bayview District

Bedlam District

Castle District


Fateshield District

Grey Pearl District

Palace Gardens

Pelatious District

Skyhills District

Notable Residents

  • Highseer Ben
  • Highlord Cotane
  • Highlord Drake
  • Highlord Eastcrowe
  • Highlord Jaha
  • Highlord Raven
  • Highlord Scarlett
  • Highlord Spearfawke
  • Highlord Zardell