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The Bottomless pit of Tyler Crofton is a story of a man with a family living in Teddington, Knavobuki leaving his wife and children to find out if the hole in his backyard is bottomless.

My name I dont remember. Though I hail from Old Knavi-Town. I had a wife and children and good tires on my car.

What took me from my home and put me in the earth was the mouth of a deep dark hole. I found behind my house.

We'd been filling it with garbage as long as you could count, kitchen scraps and dead cows, & tractors broken down.

But never did I hear one thing hit the ground. Slowly I came to the fear that this was a bottomless hole.

I went out behind the house and stared down in that hole. Late into the evening my mind would not let go. So I got my ropes and a rusty claw foot tub and I rigged myself a chariot to ride down in that hole.

My wife, she did help me, she fed me down the ropes. And then I sank away from the surface of this world.

With the last rope pulled tight I had not reached the end and in anger I swung there, down in that dark abyss.

So I got out, I told my wife goodbye. I cut loose from the ropes and fell down in that hole.

And still I am there falling down this evil pit. But until I hit the bottom I wont believe it's bottomless.

To this day the The Bottomless pit of Tyler Crofton can still be found in Teddington, Knavobuki