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Hello there!

I am nebbers, an admin on the server.

I've been a part of the community since it started way back when in October, 2010.

I play entirely too much and am currently looking for a Minecrafters Anonymous group to attend here in Indiana.

I hope you enjoy the Shire! We're always looking for talented individuals to bring new ideas and their own unique style to our ever-growing community. Check out my page user:nebbers for more details about me.

Elathuria (Retired)

Hello! I'm Gaia and I come from Italy. Nice to meet you!

I live with my family and my 2 cats, but soon I'll buy a house and go living with my boyfriend.

I study Neuroscience at University, and I work as web designer/webmaster and graphic design freelancer. I joined The Shire as a simple member and the guys liked the stuff I built and my ideas so much they wanted me in their staff team. I help with projects and building new stuff for the server.

When I'm online I help the newcomers and the members with their projects, with suggestions, materials and... Quests!

My projects include:

  • Baron Lezard's Flying Fortress
  • Bloodmist Village
  • Inside of the Hillhouses near the spawn (collaboration with Nebbers)
  • I've redone many of the Plaza's shops inside and outside.
  • Tower and "deepholm" work in progress
  • University of Hogwarps and Fumblemore's Tower of Magic (collaboration with Nebbers)

See you in the wonderful world of Minecraftia! :-)


Hello, I'm Andrew! My duties include reviewing applications from prospective members, keeping the server online and up-to-date and moderating The Shire.

You'll see me online quite a lot, I like to have a strong in-game presence; I can usually be found bullying people into getting their own house in my city.

My projects include:

Hope to see you around!


Hello there! I'm Drekar :) I'm a Lord, and I am around to help - from moving things with worldedit to offering suggestions or feedback, you name it and I can probably help with it.

I'm generally around a lot, at random times depending on my work schedule, but if I'm around and you have questions or need anything, I'm happy to help - just ask :)

Some of the more unscrupulous members suggest that I am nothing more than a well-trained talking doge, but that's just a rumour.

A few examples of my projects are:

There are others, but these are some of my personal favourites. Thanks for reading this if you got this far!

Such visit, many shire... wow.. so staff


Hello, friends! I'm Hay and I'm a Lord or Lady, in my case, alongside Nebbers, Andy, Drek and Arctic. I log in from Washington DC, USA and love seeing so many people from all over the world come together to build in our wonderful corner of Minecraft! A typical day on the Shire, for me, consists of obsessive building with intermittent bouts of procrastination that are spent forcing people to let me help them. I'm also often found giving Gaijins tours of the Shire and getting new Tyrules settled in.

My projects include:

  • Modaora City
  • Laurelian City
  • Shire United Nations (SUN) - group build with: Jommers, DancingChimp, Enderp and Sammiches822
  • Tiny Wytapcha - miniature city group build with OmgTaz, pc1894 and others
  • Modaora Ice Region - terraforming group project
  • Hay's Falafel stands - a fun joke turned food stand empire
  • And some various and assorted things here and there

I'll seeya on the Shire!

Ben (Times attempted to retire: 4)

ℹ️ Ben sadly passed away in late-2019. For more information, please read the forum post.

Where to begin... my IGN is 0031benjy, many of you know me as Ben. My full name is Benjamin Fornataro, I am half-Italian, quarter-English and quarter-Welsh. I was formally accepted into Shirecraft as a Tyro on October 2nd 2012 from which I wasn't promoted to Yeoman in around three months. Anybody that knows me will know I am not well known for my building, but try to get more involved in the helpful and communal aspects of the server and can be called over to help whenever online.

My projects include:

Hope to see you in-game!


Hey There, I'm Zyno. Which is short for Zynoponyconduxr, But don't worry about that. Anyway! I've been part of the server for quite some time! Can't remember exactly when I arrived, But I was introduced to it by My Friend Saithvenomdrone. I along with quite a few others, am an Arbiter. I frequent the server when I can, But usually if im absent, it's due to either the military, or my wife, whom I like to call THE COMMANDER!

Ive worked on a few projects that I can think of off the top of my head, There my Bio-Domes, an Oil Rig, Lamename (which I worked on with Saithvenomdrone), various odds and ends in the Lamename area, Old Seratapera (New Seratapera is in the works), Little Withering (Which I worked on with Sammiches) and just small things all over if I remember correctly.

Im usually a pretty easy going guy, But Im an odd one according to everyone and their mothers, so be warned. Anyway, Have fun on the server and I hope to see you around!



Hello ladies! I'm Sammiches822 (Sam, Samm, Sammich, Sammi, the list goes on), an Arbiter alongside Mieshoa, Jimmy and Ender on the Shire. I live in Chicago, Illinois, and I love to write, read, and harbor an odd affinity for crime and corruption, which is evident in many of my builds. Speaking of builds, I am known to enter bursts of excessive building and server presence, which are then followed by a few days or weeks of general absence. In-game, I assume the role of Emperor Sammich the Magnificent, the crooked and grandiose monarch of the New Sammichian Empire. Some of my projects include:

  • Fulfwotz, the capital of my empire and one of the largest cities on the server,
  • Floffwym, a bleak fishing town to compensate for the eccentricity of Fulfwotz,
  • Caffa, an Italian-inspired city defiled by bankruptcy, splendor, and a feuding aristocracy,
  • and, among many others, Niflheim Palace, a wintry castle serving as a royal retreat during a vacation or the occasional coup.

If you see me online, do not be intimidated by my imperious title, or my flamboyant and blunt name. I can be very friendly!


Hey y'all! My name is Mieshoa (my real one being James MacGregor) and I'm a fellow Arbiter among Sam, Jimmy and Ender! I love to spend my time procrastinating from doing my homework and building obscure and new buildings on the Shire! In real life, my hobbies include singing and songwriting, as well as listening to Mariah Carey (Hay and I are also part of the Mariah Carey sisterhood). I live in London and I am half Chinese and half English (for those wondering).

I've been playing on the Shire since 31st December, 2013. I enjoy helping fellow members settle into the Shire, as well as help them with any building problems and/or showing them specific builds they seek for. I am a very frequent player, especially on the weekends and on Fridays. I'm very charitable in terms of helping out people, or answering questions so don't hesitate from doing so!

My Projects:

  • Knavobuki (Built alongside player, GJRickard)



My Projects:

  • Mountain ranges and various islands around the shire


Hey there, I am one of the Arbiters that frequently plays on the server! I joined the server on November 24, 2012 and have been playing non stop since then and falling in love with the community and builds. I love building in baroque, medieval, or fantasy and often try to spread out and explore different styles to challenge myself; if you ever visit my builds I probably will never have interiors done, but I am slowly trying to improve :P. I will usually be trying to organize and setup the building competitions we have every so often, so if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to ask! My Projects Include: