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Revision of the Shire Spawn

Original History

The Spawn's approximate location has remained unchanged since The Shire was first founded on October 15 2010. The first person to witness the Spawn was CtShiner, the world's original founder. For a time, the Spawn was little more than a beach with a simple 2D "HI" sign built out of stone. Soon, pathways connecting the Spawn to the Main Plaza were built, and the first incarnation of the open-air Spawn Temple was built by CtShiner. By January 2011, the famous HI sign had been upgraded by TomHix to the 3D sculpture that exists today, making it one of the oldest structures in Shire history.

Over time, simple fences were converted to solid stone walls and uneven lands were smoothed into elegant gardens. By 2015, the Spawn was a hub of activity, with Shirecraft Rules, New Member Guidelines, a Texture Pack room, FAQ room, and Shire History room all occupying small corners of the Spawn area. These features were later reimagined, relocated, or removed as part of the first major renovation in Spring 2015.

Auditorium / Stage

Built by Jommers and Enderp, it is notably the largest building present at the Shire Spawn.

On the exterior, the stage is surrounded by numerous banners. Each banner represents a certain nation and have greatly contributed to the server.

The main use of the Auditorium is to be utilized primarily for the presentation and promotion of players. Underneath the stage present various information, showing the present and retired staff team of Lords and Arbiters. On the left side, the room gives information for the server's frequently asked questions as well as the showing a line of the rank progression. On the other branch, this is where the server dedicates those who have contributed and donated to the server.


First revision started by Jommers and Enderp on May 9, 2015.

This revision introduced the auditorium as well multiple structures to the surrounding area. Original structures that were modified and updated were the Spawn structure, "HI" sign, and the fire chalice; the original slab building was removed and put into schematics, while the old server instruction guide was removed. Land was terraformed to accommodate new structures, multiple trees as well as plants were added, and new paths created. Docks and a port were built, featuring numerous ships.

Second revision started by Jommers, Enderp, and Hay on May 17, 2017.

In this revision, massive land around spawn and the waters were expanded and smoothed out, allowing for more room and ships; new trees and plants were added within the area. East side of spawn was given a revision of the bridge under the docks, as well as a new bridge crossing across the waters to the north side. Area revised and structure added near Arena Ruins. Between East bridge and Spawn, new docks and structures were added, while original structures were modified and updated. A new path to the Main Land Station was also created, with surrounding areas smoothed out. Minor revisions to Auditorium.


  • Enderp (Spawn Redesign)
  • Jommers (Spawn Redesign)
  • Nebbers
  • CoffeeAndChill
  • OmgHay
  • Master_Chief
  • Smoot
  • Phobiphantom10
  • Morris (Various Ships)
  • Lobstrex (Various Ships)
  • GJRickard (Various Ships)