Shireboyle Nuclear Power Plant

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The Shireboyle Nuclear Power Plant is located at the far east. It was built in 1966. The first reactor started construction on the 12th October 1965 and finished on the 4th January 1966, reactor 2 and were also in the same building so they started and ended construction at the same time. All the reactors breeder type [The cheapest kind] Due to the fact that all 3 reactors were built at the same time in just the span of a year, each reactor has a major flaw, the worst was in reactor 3.


Reactor 1 and 2 were primarily the same, using the canal of water beside them. There was only 1 setback when constructing 1 and 2. The coolant rods ordered were too short and had to be replace with the correct ones, in the meantime, the architects found an error which would cause the reactor to explode the moment they were turned on. Reactor 1 and 2 were turned on the 15th May 1966. Reactor 3 was the last one to open since it was the biggest one. R3 had no setbacks and was turned on the 30th December 1966.

Reactor 4&5

In 1967 Reactor 4&5 was approved to be built. It started construction on the 1st March 1971 [this is because major strikes and protests happened. Reactor 4 was turned on the 5th July 1972.

By then Reactor 5 was only 25% percent finished due to more strikes and protests, then on the 16th August 1973 the project was postponed to being finished sometime in the late 70s.The Next month, it was cancelled.

The late 70s

The late 70s were great for the power plant [except for Reactor 5] with the near Town of Shireboyle which housed all the workers for the NPP bustling with life and inspiration. The workers were getting lots of money and it was always increasing. And in general Nuclear Power was popular. Even news was said that Reactor 5 was continuing construction and it was true! By 1979 the Reactor was 53% finished.

Early to late 80s

The times were grim, the budget for the NPP dropped by 50% because of the 1980 recession. Normally all reactors were checked up for damage every week but it was soon decreased to every 2 weeks, then 3. This made the Reactors more unstable. The worst part was that there was not enough money to replace the coolant rods every month which was stated by a control room worker: "The temperature fluctuates rapidly, from 150Mhz to 500Mhz, its crazy!" something bad could happen any moment

Reactor 3 Accident

It was the 11th September 1987, the Reactor 3 staff was trying an experiment to put the reactor at 800Mhz, Joseph Huggens started the experiment by taking some of the control rods out. 250Mhz to 400Mhz all was going smooth. James Landwell emptied the water tanks which would automatically dispense at 600Mhz. At the controll room, everything was fine, then suddenly the temperature shot up to 680Mhz, it was all going to fast, and then 900Mhz, at this pace the Reactor could melt in mere seconds, normally this would not happen, but the water tanks were empty, James Landwell made a grave mistake . Back when R3 was first built, 1 major flaw was that the water tanks could not fill automatically, a button had to be pressed in the tank room. 100Mhz to 1500Mhz and then the reactor exploded, it was the worst nuclear accident to ever happen.

Aftermath Late 80s to 2021

A containment chamber was built only 10 days after it exploded. It was very cheaply built and shows cracks today. Reactor 5 was never finished due to the radiation and unpopular demand.Shireboyl was abandoned and the 40 thousand people had to be evacuated. Reactor 2 still can run and make electricity. The whole power plant was destined to fail.