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The Shire Transit Authority ("STA") is responsible for planning & constructing server-wide infrastructure projects, as well as regulating and enforcing infrastructure policies. STA rules stipulate that all highways, subways, train tracks, and depots must be built by a member of the STA or a sanctioned STA contractor. Under no circumstances can intercity connections be made without specific authorisation from an STA representative.


The Beginning

The Shire's first STA team members were Dendrago & LttylerJ30. They are credited with establishing the first standards of highway & rail line building. They gave the Shire's rail system a complete overhaul and built our first highways. You can see their contributions in the rail line between the Mainland & Equos, as well as the rail from Mainland to Shai-Ling.

Highway System

Lttyler's highway system extended from the Odd Facade, through the Temple District (vacant land at the time), around Belthil, through Lamename, Bree, and up to the Spawn. This highway system is credited with bringing substantial growth to the southwest Mainland area.

Present Day

Today the STA is outsourced between three Shire companies, LlamaPo Industries (with members Andy & fatllama), Nebworks Inc (with member Nebbers), and Rabblerouser Holdings, Inc. (with member rabblerouser0). LlamaPo focuses on railway systems, interconnecting between nearly all major destinations in the Shire. Nebworks maintains highway integrity & handles some aqueduct and canal systems as well. LlamaPo is headquartered in Bree, and Nebworks can be found in Oranjestad.

Any questions regarding infrastructure development can be directed to a staff member, or you can make an appointment directly with either STA contractor.