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The Shire Information Authority is a quasi-government, semi-secret organization that is dedicated to collecting and preserving the knowledge of The Shire. Founded by Jimmy, it is now headed by vetous, who has turned it into a makeshift surveillance agency, collecting data on Shire citizens and maintaining secret bases all throughout The Shire.

The plaque outside of the SIA's mainland headquarters.


The Shire Information Authority, sometimes referred to as the SIA, is meant to be a record keeping agency, keeping track of active and abandoned builds. However, in recent years the agency has been re-purposed into a mass surveillance agency, operating server-wide out of many public and secret bases. The SIA's public base of operations is located in the Mainland, though it has been suggested that there is another, larger base that serves as the operating nucleus.

Regardless of true purposes, the SIA continues to maintain archives of certain builds, notably the "Dark Archives" in Fulfwotz. These mainly serve as a way to remember the locations of some older builds that may not have warps to them and to collect as much information about those who build them.

Organization History


The SIA was started by Jimmy as a sort of library service, but after it was deemed "too hard, probably," vetous took over the position of president. Vetous is responsible for the founding of the "Dark Archives," which collects data on some of the builds with dark histories on the server.

Vetous was not simply satisfied with allowing it to be a build collection service, and founded the Mainland Headquarters around this time. The Mainland Headquarters is located at Plaza, and serves as the de facto public head quarters for the organiztion, with public records, offices and meeting rooms. It also serves as the main server hub for the organization.

Assassination attempt and future

In February 2015, an assassination attempt was made on director vetous' life by the new deceased assistant director Jimmy. Jimmy was killed two days later by an unknown assassin, perhaps hiding his real intentions forever.

The organization continues to maintain many public and secret bases all throughout the Shire, and continues to expand every day.

Notable Locations

  • Mainland Headquarters: Acting as the public headquarters for the SIA, it is the largest public headquarters of the SIA. The tower that it occupies is formerly known as Mr. Wolf Tower.
Mr. Wolf Tower, as occupied by the SIA.
  • SIA Lamename (Abandoned): Once serving as a public record keeping office, this installation was rendered obsolete with the occupation of Mr. Wolf Tower. It is now mostly abandoned.
  • SIA Dark Archives: Located in Fulfwotz, the Dark Archives serve as one of the few public records of severa old and abandoned builds, with most writing done by vetous himself.


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