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The Shire Environmental Administration (SEA) is responsible for preserving, enhancing, and repairing various environmental elements in the Shire, such as forests, mountains, and oceans. Though rendered somewhat obsolete with the convenience of WorldEdit and Voxel, many of the SEA terraformers are known to excel in using these plugins. The presence of the SEA encourages players to help beautify areas of the Shire and make it a more pleasant place to build in.


The SEA was created by Sammiches822 in 2013, and it saw experienced a period of rapid growth, harboring near twenty contributors specializing in various departments.


The SEA is based at the Shire Environmental Administration Centre, or more commonly known as SEAC. It is a contemporary and eco-friendly campus, near half of its power coming from the large number of SEA-operated solar panels and wind turbines bordering the campus.

Further Information

The SEA issues awards to cities who are "green", and sponsors numerous charity events to help preserve wildlife. It is strongly supported by the New Sammichian Empire.