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The Shire Calendar, or the Fraggle Calendar, is the standardized calendar of the Shire, first developed around 2,000 years ago by studying the movements of the sun, moon, and stars. It is used by over 90% of all Shire nations, although uncivilized nations are known to adopt their own calendars.


The Shire Calendar was created by Human colonists from the ravaged island of Fraggle Rock somewhere around 2,000 years ago, after the Mainland was settled. After coming in contact with the indigenous Enpeecee people of the area, they were exposed to the tumultuous crop cycle imposed by the contradictory calendars of the locals. The colonists put their best astronomers and intellectuals to the test, developing a very accurate and sensible calendar, sharing it with the indigenous people. As the influence of Humans grew around the Mainland, the calendar became more and more used within tribes and settlements, until it became the official calendar of the Shire in 122.

It was met with heavy competition from the Sammichian race after the Sammichians and Humans made first contact, the Sammichians fiercely defending their Thrennaxian Calendar. It was later discovered that the calendar was heavily based on the menstrual cycles of female Sammichians, and it was abandoned.


The Shire Calendar is currently divided into three major eras. There is PH {Prehistory), PRY (Pre-Reckoning Year), and CE (Common Era).

Prehistory, abbreviated to PH is the era before written language existed, leading historians to believe that the people of Prehistory were far less intelligent and more nomadic than the people of PRY. Prehistory also predates the rise of civilization and the first cities, as all ruins discovered today can be traced back to PRY through carbon-dating. There is also evidence that it predated the rise of agriculture, as excavated tools lack any sort of horticultural devices. The era is awash in ambiguity and vagueness, as ruins are extremely hard to come by. The era includes anything before 8,500 PRY.

Pre-Reckoning Year, commonly abbreviated to PRY, is the longest and most historically-rich era. It denotes any year that predates the settling of Mainland, considered the first major example of human interaction with the rest of the Shire. Ruins, tools, art, books, pottery, and so much more lie in abundance across the Shire from this time period. The very early stages even witnessed the rise of civilization and agriculture, the Old Sammichian Empire being the first recorded civilization in the Shire. It also saw the creation of others, like the Lilladonian Empire, and the Solarian Empire. While the amount of interaction between the five major races (the Laurelian Nation not having arrived in the Shire yet) was still low, there was a certain amount of conflict between the Sammchian and Lilladonian (now Enderian) races, mostly centered around the Old Sammichian Empire claiming Fauna. The era ended with the settlement of Mainland by Human colonists, which is marked as Year Zero.

Common Era, or CE, is the current era of Shire history. It started after Year Zero, and witnessed a plethora of new civilizations and settlements rise. It also saw the most in terms of interracial communication and interaction, with all of the major races having met by 900. It experienced a heavy amount of industrial development after 1700, with Mainland being built up into almost megalopolis area. It also includes the Nuclear Age, a period of rapid nuclear warhead production and testing. Organization of Time Units

The Shire Calendar is divided into years, which are divided into other units down to the individual day. Years -> Months -> Weeks -> Days

1 Year = 12 Months

12 Months = 52 Weeks

52 Weeks = 365 Days