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Reeder, formerly known as Andolini, is a town in Vallachia under the control of the New Sammichian Empire. It was formerly an Oranjestad colony, before being sold to the NSE on May 4 2018. Reeder is just south of Cosmic Space Worm City. Reeder is home to 355 residents as on 2016.

Reeder Banner


In 1857, 35 Monon settlers headed east to start a new settlement on a rocky peninsula then known to Monkeyton traders as El Andolini. The settlers reached their destination on July 4, 1857, and by September had built housing using local timber. Over the next nine years, the settlers had to overcome many hardships, including conflicts with native Shai.

By 1870, 1,057 people lived in the town and in 1872 the town was incorporated as Andolini. In about 1890, sugar beets were introduced as a crop in Oranjestad. The first sugar beet processing factory in the world was built in the southwest part of Reeder.

1980 tornadoes

On June 3, 1980, Andolini was hit by a massive supercell storm. Through the course of the evening, the city was ravaged by seven tornadoes, the worst of which was rated F4 on the Fulfwotz Scale. There were five deaths as a result of the tornadoes.

In the rebuilding that followed, the town was rededicated as Reeder, honoring the legendary local singer/songwriter and artist Dan Reeder. Reeder's music is largely credited with putting the town 'on the map', and every summer the town celebrates his music in a weeklong event called "ReederFest". Every house in Reeder is dedicated to a unique Dan Reeder song as well.

On May 4 2018, the town was sold to the NSE as Oranjestad sought to reorganize their overstretched empire.