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This is a japanese term for 'Stupid Person'. It's a punishment/suspension class. If you are a member and intentionally do something stupid, abusive, or create giant phallus statues- this class is for you. You will have literally zero powers, other than the ability to walk around and use chat. We make you watch as your creations are obliterated in a fiery blitz of fury, rather than ban you. You do not want to be a Bakajin. The length of the punishment is at the whim of the Administration. Being reinstated to your original class is not guaranteed. We encourage other members to hunt, abuse, and humiliate you to the best of their abilities.


You are but a stranger in a strange land. We are a xenophobic community, Outsider, and you'll be watched suspiciously. You may: Walk around- become familiar with your new land. Chat: get to know the people! Building/destroying is disabled. Fly around, see some of our 200+ warps.


You're an official member! Tyro means beginner. We don't care how experienced you are, everyone starts with this rank. You'll have access to build in Tyrule (warp: /warp Tyrule). You'll have the ability to /tpa to people, /msg, /list, and use /kit tyro. If your creations are well made, highly detailed, and contribute to the overall culture of The Shire, you'll be upgraded to Yeoman and will then be allowed to build in the Wilderness of the Main World - following the guidelines of our Building Rules.


A yeoman is, as described by Wikipedia, " a free man holding a small landed estate, a minor landowner, a small prosperous farmer, a deputy, assistant, journeyman, or a loyal or faithful servant. Work performed or rendered in a loyal, valiant, useful, or workmanlike manner, especially work requiring a great deal of effort or labor, such as would be done by a yeoman farmer, came to be described as "yeoman's work"." Indeed, the Yeomen are hard workers, building epic structures on a shoestring budget. Yeomen are capable of using various communication tools (mail, msg). They may also use /kit yeoman. They can /tptoggle to prevent people from teleporting to them too. They are allowed to build in the wilderness of the Main World following our Building Rules.


Maven is a slightly rare rank above Yeoman and below Artisan. One attains this rank from standing out from the abundant clan of Yeomen. A project worthy of promotion usually consists of one or more detailed and well-developed builds, such as a complex town. Promotions usually consist of more than one project. As a Maven, one has access to very restricted worldedit access (//repl).


Artisans are champions of Minecraft; worthy of Shrines built in their honor. This was initially our top builder rank. As of May 13, 2011, Artisan/Archduke ranks became even harder to attain. Artisans/Archdukes are an elite squad of badass builders and we aim to make it even more so. Artisan abilites: In addition to Yeoman abilites, Artisans get the coveted Compass Jump, allowing instant warp to any block in sight with the click of their compass. They also have //repl, allowing them to replace any block with any other. They can also use //cycler, which cycles through wool colours (this is largely obsolete, thanks to recent plugin updates that allow specific wool or wood types to be replaced. Artisans can also use //snow to blanket their projects in, you guessed it, snow. (They also have //thaw). Also /kit artisan. They also have creative mode, giving access to a multitude of free items.


A Yeoman's best hope for ranking up. This rank is attained by making a donation of $15 or greater to the server's coffers. In addition to the yeoman ranks abilities, they have access to infinite items and are the only members allowed to use the Halls of Dukedom.


This rank is between Duke and Archduke, so a donation to the server is a prerequisite. Large scale, well-detailed and creative projects will aid you in earning this rank - projects such as towns, cities or some other mega projects (just look at the opera house!). Viceroys have the same abilities as Mavens and when our survival world is active, their rank in that world becomes Bishop. Viceroys also have access to control server weather (e.g. to stop rain) - however this privilege may be revoked if abused!


Archdukes are roughly the same as artisan rank, but have 3 additional abilities. They may set day or night and can use Super-pickaxe Recur and Super-pickaxe Area. These allow them to take out chunks of blocks with one hit, up to a 5 block radius. Area destroys all similar blocks within a radius, regardless of what might be separating them. Recur deletes only those that are connecting to the original block. Artisans who donate will become Archdukes.

Architect (Engineer)

Architects are the best of the best, a very small fraction of our members have attained this rank. Members with this rank have full worldedit capabilities, and they may request access to voxelsniper. There are only a few active Architects on the server and two active Engineers. These members are very involved in our community and have great influence over the server. Extremely refined skills are required to obtain this rank.


The privileged few... 100% WorldEdit, Item spawning, Time control, kicking abilities- they've got it made. They are here to not only play, but are encouraged to help out the other players when they need it. Know and respect them!


The Administration. Gods among mere mortals. But seriously, we're always here to help. As for what we can do- well... anything.