Policies and Procedures

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Nickname Policy

When choosing a nickname, you must ensure that other players may teleport to you using that name (i.e. it must have some resemblance to your actual minecraft username). Nicknames that are colorized are given only to long-time (consistently played for a year or more) members.

'Griefing' Policy

In the unlikely event of your builds being tampered with, without your consent, please inform a staff member who will be able to restore your project and sanction the involved individual(s).

Issues with other player(s)

If a member has an issue with another player on our server, they should raise their concerns with a staff member who will find the best way to appropriately deal with the situation.

Updating the server

Our policy is, and always has been, not to immediately update the server to the latest Minecraft version when it is released. This is because we have to wait for Spigot, our server wrapper, to be updated and must also wait for our 'critical' plugins to be updated.

Custom rank prefixes

Custom prefixes are given to those who deserve it. For instance, the prefix of 'Landscaper' would be given to those who excel in the art of terraforming. Other forms of custom prefixes are at the discretion of admins. Like nicknames, they are earned with time and good community standing. It is the colour, and not the word prefix that determines a player's rank. If any player has difficulty seeing certain colour(s), they may use the /who command to see which group any online player is assigned to.