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Neighborhoods & Districts

Oranjestad is often called the "City of Neighborhoods" for its numerous distinctive neighborhoods. Each of them is listed below - follow the links for the main articles for each neighborhood.

1.) Alfa Beach is one of the newest neighborhoods in Oranjestad, having replaced the dilapidated Isfahan neighborhood starting in the 1950's. The area is known for its pristine beach and has become a tourist destination in recent decades. Alfa Beach can be found straight north of Skylan Mountain and the Irvington neighborhood, on the southern edge of Homestar Bay. It was annexed by Oranjestad in 1902.

2.) Brahmin Beach is located directly east of Alfa Beach, south of Summit, and north of Meijin Hills. The area is known for the Jimmy Nuclear Power Plant, which dominates the landscape. It is a middle-class suburban neighborhood. Prior to it's development in 1970, it was the home of the Dillman Farm, which specialized in Mooshroom milk production for over 130 years.

3.) Gala, officially known as Gala Apple neighborhood, is a rural neighborhood on the northern rim of Homestar Bay. It is bordered by Haverhill to the east. The area was once an apple plantation, remnants of which can still be seen today. The area was eventually destroyed in the Great Flood of 1937 and rebuilt on stilts. In 1941, the area officially became part of Oranjestad.

4.) Haverhill is a neighborhood directly north of Olde Orangetown. It is mostly an urban residential area. It features the tallest building in the metropolitan area, The Sister Grimsby, and is directly above the Grand Narthex.

5.) Homestead is an upper-middle class residential neighborhood in northwest Oranjestad, near Shai-Ling.

6.) Irvington was originally created as an independent community. It formed along winding roads of dirt and brick that reflected landscape design in the Romantic era. The town was built as a quiet suburb where artists, politicians, academics, and heads of local industry resided. In 1902 Irvington was annexed by its rapidly growing neighbor Oranjestad. Today, Irvington is the largest locally protected historic district in Oranjestad. 90% of Irvington homes were built before 1960. The area was annexed along with Alfa Beach in 1902.

7.) Lusus is an underground network of arcologies beneath the Summit neighborhood. The area features extremely dense housing and boasts a zero-waste, high efficiency model for living.

8.) Meijin Hills is an eclectic neighborhood in the extreme southeast corner of Oranjestad. It was only recently annexed into Oranjestad in 1999.

9.) Olde Orangetown is the historical center of Oranjestad and contains the highest concentration of high-rises in the city.

10.) Parkview Island is an island in the middle of Homestar Bay, with Gala to the North, Olde Orangetown to the east, and Alfa Beach to the south. The island is now synonymous with the Parkview Convention Center, which is the sole structure on the island. It was developed in 1972. Prior to this, the island was choked with dense jungle and had a hidden disco buried deep underground.

11.) Saturn Valley is a steep canyon and natural stone archway that lies directly north of Summit, west of Haverhill, and east of Homestead. It is a popular tourist destination.

12.) Submerciful

13.) Summit