Little Wangleton

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Oldest area of Little Wangleton


Little Wangleton is a small village under the control of the New Sammichian Empire. It is not located within the main Imperial territory, the Demmatrodine Region. It is best known for the mass murders which occurred there during the Shire Witch Trials of 1670, when the village was under the control of the Delphic Coven. It has become a popular tourist spot, but has made no attempt to capitalize on this as there are still sore relations between the villagers and outsiders. The current Chancellor is Rufus Knott. It is a major production site of pumpkins.


In the year 1299, a group of men and women named the Delphic Society were chased from their towns after exhibiting strange magical behavior which was feared at the time. After the Delphic Mansion in Athitica was burned down by an arsonist, they fled the Central Shire and congregated in the distant village of Little Wangleton. The native villagers held no resentment towards those with magical abilities, instead choosing to give them respect and protection from the fear-dominated Central Shire. In the mid 1300's, the Delphic Society rebranded itself as a coven, a haven for all witches and warlocks. The villagers of Little Wangleton had grown accustomed to the sometimes strange and occult activity that infested their village, and as the numbers grew in the Delphic Coven, outsiders became even more frightened. Wangletonians were plagued by hate crimes and violence for harboring witches. Wishing to protect those who protected them when no one else would, the Delphic Coven retaliated against the attackers. This however proved to be a fatal move, and prompted the Shire Witch Trials.

Shire Witch Trials of 1670

During the Witch Trials, the Delphic Coven was infiltrated by witch hunters, the number of members dropping from over 150 to only 20. The captured witches were publicly executed, the preferred method being burned alive on top of a pyre blessed with holy herbs. The village of Little Wangleton was all but torn apart, witches and nonmagical beings slaughtered alike. After nearly five continuous years of mayhem and fear, the Kingdom of Fulfwotz seized the village in its vulnerable state and ended the witch trials. The Delphic Coven was allowed to practice in peace, and the village was protected by the Kingdom.

Notable Residents

  • Rufus Knott - Current Chancellor of Little Wangleton
  • Adria Demmadora - Current president of the Delphic Coven
  • Tessala Biltbobble - One of the Biltbobble heiresses, member of the Delphic Coven
  • Miranda Oakmont - CEO of Oakmont Pumpkin Company