Legendary Gayanian

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The story will come between March 2018 and Mai 2018!!!

Act I - Tower of Thunder

This journey is playing far ago, in the past. When the first Gayanian people has formed their first lands, in the Dawn Axillios Lands.

Chapter 1 - Failed experiments

Chapter 2 - Creatures of Fallan

Chapter 3 - The new home

Act II - Emperor Gyndigar

The old race of the Merman started an attack on the new people, and another secret need to be lifted.

Chapter 4 - Tempel of Thamadin

Chapter 5 - The statue of honor

Chapter 6 - Trident war

Act III - The first portal

When the first city was build, an unknown adventurer arrived and told them, that immortal creatures are comming from the Haresh mountains.

Chapter 7 - Orc Clans

Chapter 8 - Underground waterfall

Chapter 9 - Magical might

Act IV - Dragon's liar

The people thought they were safe, but another bad information reached them, an Dragon is coming his way through their city.

Chapter 10 - Golden mountains

Chapter 11 - The green fire

Chapter 12 - Black Lagoon

Act V - Sandstorm

The treaty with the orcs and elves was a good starting for the new race, but not far away an illnes of sand started to spread around the lands.

Chapter 13 - The Necromancer

Chapter 14 - Thousands of Swords

Chapter 15 - Dawn's will


Main characters

  • Farmer Gaan (Gayanian)
  • Farmer Mika (Gayanian)
  • Soldier Drakis (Gayanian)
  • Leader Grindas (Gayanian)
  • King Fishdrim (Merman)
  • Lord Bshi'kan (Orc)
  • Berserk Gu'prim (Orc)
  • Dark Wanderer (Demonic)

Other characters

  • Princess Anjali (Human)
  • Hirt (Undead)
  • Frozen Girl (Demonic)