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Still in construction! But we're almost done! Not long now, our little Hobbits... Not long now...

--Glomp King & Glomp Queen

Hobbiton History

-work in progress-

Glompuia Kingdom

His Majesty, Glomp King Kui

Her Majesty, Glomp Queen Lia

People & Society


noun: Hobbit(s)

adjective: Hobbit


Total population: --

  • Hobbits: --%
  • Glompuian: --%

Culture & Religion

-work in progress-


-work in progress-


-work in progress-

Baggins' Bros Co.

Hobbiton Feoh Fellowship

Hobbiton Feoh Fellowship is a sub-unit of the Glompuian Royal Armed Forces. The Fellowship is a secret group comprised of a small number of Hobbits that are specially trained in spying and scouting. The exact number and participants of this Fellowship is unknown as all the information are kept top secret and strictly need-to-know only. The only people known to have the identities of those in the Fellowship are the Majesties of Glompuia Kingdom.