Heroes of Gaya

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The story will come between Oktober 2018 and Dezember 2018!!!

Act I - Beast of the Magma Hole

This will be the journey about the party of elite warriors, who were sent to the Xillis city of the Xitau race. Their goal is to find out, what Xitau have to do with the new attack of evil monsters in the New World.

Chapter 1 - Hidden Entrance

Chapter 2 - Underground Waterfall

Chapter 3 - The red portal

Act II - Frozen Lands of Gaya

Another journey of the group of warriors, who will split up and search for the possible way, to stop the Xitau from building the big portal.

Chapter 4 - The Lord of the Evil

Chapter 5 - Labyrinth

Chapter 6 - The Xitau Creatures

Act III - Dark Tree of Death

Feralan is a big city, where the King needed help, because thousands monsters appeared not far away from him and gained big might from a dark tree.

Chapter 7 - Magical crystal

Chapter 8 - The roar of the Dragon

Chapter 9 - Dark Flames

Act IV - The Xitau experiments

Under the mountains a big city was found, which holds mysterious creatures and the warriors want to stop the experiments.

Chapter 10 - The Torturer

Chapter 11 - Catacombs

Chapter 12 - The Highlord of Xitau

Act V - King of Hell

The appearance of the King of Hell and the last fight against the darkness, it all need to be stopped. The warriors start the last trip to give their last to stop the evil.

Chapter 13 - Village Kirk

Chapter 14 - Last man stand

Chapter 15 - The will to survive


Main characters

  • Orc Lord Grig'Rash (Axes)
  • High Elve Luriannder (Bow)
  • Paladin Alexandro (Sword/Shield)
  • Dragic Lord Padromi (Speer)
  • High Priest Arianna (Book)
  • Thief Master Janinia (Daggers)
  • Dwarve Warrior Bagadir (Axe)
  • Elvar Wizard Elyndia (Stab)
  • Protector Knight Tadiam (BigSword)

Other characters

  • King Dathindir (Xitau)
  • Elder Hillitrim (Xitau)
  • Merchant Grimm (Human)
  • Guard Xander (Demonic)
  • Lord Husdivill (Demonic)