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Haverhill is a neighborhood in Oranjestad. In 2009, Shire Money Magazine ranked Haverhill as the #2 urban place to live in the Central Shire metropolitan area, and #9 in the nation. The magazine cited Haverhill’s low crime, strong economy and excellent schools as factors for placing Haverhill at the top.


Haverhill is located directly north of Olde Orangetown. It is east of Gala and West of Summit and Saturn Valley. Skylan Highway runs on the western edge of the neighborhood.


Haverhill’s first settler was James B. Brown, a Lamename Village native, who settled in the area in 1824. At the time the area was dense and unbroken wilderness with only hunters and trappers in the area.

In 1828, the first log school house was built in Haverhill, on the spot that would eventually become the modern Berkeley Pit High School. A stagecoach line was established along a road built in 1820 connecting all of the small outlying communities with the mainland.

Haverhill was originally called Harrisburg, and under the latter name was laid out in 1835 by William Harris. Harris is credited with the creation of the model home development that still occupies much of the Haverhill area. The first post office in town was established in 1836 - the post office was named Haverhill branch, and over time the entire area became known as Haverhill. The first church building to be erected in Haverhill was a log structure built in 1840. From the 1840s to the 1870s, the town almost tripled in size. In 1871, the area was formally incorporated into Oranjestad.

In 1917, Superintendent of Schools Sylvester Moore and his wife were instrumental in forming Haverhill’s famous Berkeley Pit High School, funded by local gifts as well as a $12,500 gift from Costa Copy Corporation.

In 2010, The Sister Grimsby was constructed in the extreme southwest corner of Haverhill. At a block height of 221, It is the tallest man-made structure in the metropolitan area, surpassing the previous record holder, Florentine Pogen Tower, by a full 55 blocks.


Haverhill is an integral part of the Oranjestad tier system. The area features connections to all four tiers and multiple entry points to the Grand Narthex. The neighborhood also features two separate rail lines and has easy access to Skylan Highway. It is bordered on two sides by canals as well.


Haverhill has one of the highest concentrations of public parks in the city.

Tier 1 features an abundance of public and private greenspace, as well as Canopy Park, which is on Saturn Valley and Mercury Rev Rds.

Tier 2 has Gorky Park, Bloodflood Canopy, and an unnamed green space in the old Aboite neighborhood.

Tier 3 features Kairos Park and the Zyno Armed Forces Tribute.

Notable Structures

The Sister Grimsby: The tallest building in the metropolitan area Old Aboite Neighborhood: 7 small working-class homes Zyno Armed Services Tribute Bloodflood Canopy Kraghal Consulate Oranjestad Tourism Emporium & Map Room

Behind the Scenes

Aboite Grille, Aboite Center Rd., and the old Aboite neighborhood are all references to nebbers’ old township where he grew up.

This wiki is based on the wiki article for Brownsburg, IN - a suburb of Indianapolis.

Haverhill is the name of nebbers’ old elementary school.