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Glompuian History

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Her Majesty, Glomp Queen Lia

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His Majesty Glomp King Kui

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Day of Passing

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Glompuian Government

Before the Day of Passing, Glompuia Kingdom was a diarchy in which the ex-monarchs of Kuiglompen and Liaglompolis became joint heads-of-state (wherein they are both of equal authority and status) after merging their Kingdoms. The Majesties, Glomp King Kui and Glomp Queen Lia, peacefully reigned and looked after Glompuia Kingdom and its people since the new Kingdom was established.

Glompuia Kingdom is now a monarchy with Glomp Queen Lia continuing the peaceful reign over the Kingdom and its people.

People & Society


noun: Glompuian(s)

adjective: Glompuian


Total population: --

  • Glompuian: --%

Culture & Religion

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Glompuian Royal Armed Forces

The Glompuian Royal Armed Forces form the military of Glompuia Kingdom, and is tasked with defence of the Kingdom; as well as promoting Glompuia Kingdom's wider interests, such as supporting international peacekeeping efforts, and providing humanitarian aid. It is commanded by Her Majesty, Glomp Queen Lia of Glompuia Kingdom.

The 5 main tasks of the Glompuian Royal Armed Forces are:

  1. To assert the territorial integrity of Glompuia Kingdom;
  2. To defend Glompuia Kingdom if attacked by a foreign nation;
  3. To support the civil community in case of disasters (e.g. virus outbreak);
  4. To deploy forces to international peace support operations;
  5. To deploy forces—if absolutely necessary—to defend allying nations.

Royal Navy

The Royal Navy was originally Liaglompolis Navy belonging to Glomp Queen Lia when she was Queen of Liaglompolis. It is now a sub-unit of the Glompuian Royal Armed Forces, and is tasked with protection of the Kingdom's shoreline and the surrounding waters belonging to the Kingdom. The Royal Navy consists of a large surface fleet and nuclear-powered submarine service.

Royal Marines

The Royal Marines was also originally Liaglompolis Marines belonging to Glomp Queen Lia when she was Queen of Liaglompolis. It is now a sub-unit of the Glompuian Royal Armed Forces, and make the amphibious elite-units of the Royal Navy.

Royal Army

The Royal Army is the result of the Kuiglompen Army and Liaglompolis Army military merge. It is now one large army consisting of of 80 battalions: 12 mechanised manoeuvre battalions, 21 support battalions of various kinds (including artillery battalions, anti-aircraft battalions, combat engineer battalions, rangers, logistics battalions), 5 reserve heavy armoured battalions, and 42 territorial defence battalions.

Royal Air Force

The Royal Air Force was originally Kuiglompen Air Force belonging to Glomp King Kui when he was King of Kuiglompen. It is now a sub-unit of the Glompuian Royal Armed Forces, and is tasked with protection of Glompuia Kingdom airspace. The Royal Air Force consists of a large operational fleet covering various roles, and is categorised into 3 units: fighter units, helicopter units, and aircraft.

Hobbiton Feoh Fellowship

Hobbiton Feoh Fellowship is a top secret group comprised of a small number of unknown Hobbits that are specially trained in spying and scouting. The exact number and participants of this Fellowship is unknown as all the information are kept highly confidential and strictly need-to-know only. The only known people to have the identities of those in the Fellowship are the Majesties of Glompuia Kingdom.

Royal Elite Force

The Royal Elite Force are specially trained soldiers and assassins that only report directly to Glomp Queen Lia. They are tasked with protection of Glomp Queen Lia; as well as completing various missions and tasks given to them by Glomp Queen Lia.

Glompuian Territories