General Server Rules

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  • We do not permit 'griefing' on our server; tampering with projects other than your own without consent will result in sanctions.
  • You are responsible for actions committed using your account, excuses will not be tolerated.
  • Stealing from other players, it doesn't matter if they're using chest protection or not, is severely frowned upon.
  • You must not 'surprise slaughter' players; PvP without mutual content is forbidden.
  • In our survival world, mods or certain texture packs giving you an unfair advantage (such as x-ray) are disallowed.
  • You should show respect to your fellow players and staff alike.
  • You are responsible for the security of your Minecraft account; any wrongdoing committed by an account will result in sanctions on that account.
  • You are advised to adhere to requests made by staff members.
  • Please don't leave floating trees; chop down the whole tree.
  • Try to work with the land when constructing projects, rather than asking for it to be flattened so you may build.
  • (Optional): When possible, try to use our transit systems to move around rather than using warps; for example, in the Mainland area.
  • Do not disrupt the gameplay of others, this includes - but is not limited to - building cages around players when they are away.

These rules are subject to change and server staff members reserve the right to interpret them as they deem appropriate.