General Server Rules

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Behavior for All Worlds

  • You must show respect and common courtesy to fellow members and staff alike.
  • You are advised to adhere to Staff Member requests.
  • PVP without mutual consent is forbidden.
  • You are responsible for the security of your Minecraft account; any wrongdoing committed by an account will result in sanctions on that account.
  • Abusive language or behavior (to include, but not limited to, derogatory name-calling or threats) toward other members or staff is grounds for an immediate, permanent ban

Main World

  • We do not permit 'griefing' on our server; tampering with projects other than your own without consent will result in sanctions.
  • All builds must be original designs built by you. It is forbidden to build designs from other servers. Free tutorial builds, with permission from the builder, are allowed in some cases.
  • You must adhere to the Building Rules for all projects, big and small.
  • If added to another member's region, you are only to work on areas they've given you permission to work on.
  • Yeomen and Mavens may not use "cheats" to get materials from anywhere other than sanctioned "Free" signs made by staff members or by mining for them.
  • You may be given or denied worldedit or voxel help at any time. Neither Architects nor Staff are obligated to fulfill every worledit or voxel request. Keep this in mind while building - it is looked down upon to build specifically for worledit or voxel help.
  • You must respect when a member has their TP disabled. Do not circumvent this in any way.
  • If asked to stop doing something which disrupts another member's gameplay, stop immediately.
  • "AFK" boxes are allowed but cannot damage another member's build or disrupt their gameplay.

Survival World

  • Stealing from other players, it doesn't matter if they're using chest protection or not, is not allowed.
  • In our survival world, mods or certain texture packs giving you an unfair advantage (such as x-ray) are disallowed.
  • Only attack other players with consent.
  • Griefing is forbidden.
  • Understand that access to the survival world is a privilege that could be taken away if you break these rules.

Tyrule World and Building Competition (BC) World

  • Your builds must be your own original design and built only by you, except for in the competition world when we allow players to collaborate.
  • You may receive advice on your build from other members, but not specific instruction on what and how to build.

Optional Guidelines

  • When possible, try to use our transit systems to move around rather than using warps; for example, in the Mainland area.

These rules are subject to change and server staff members reserve the right to interpret them as they deem appropriate.