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Welcome to Gaya Alliance Wiki Page... is atm in contruction ;) ATTENTION ===> if someone will read all what I have wrote there, don't wonder of the bad english :DDD this are my first thoughts and I am writing first my ideas, and will later change it, for better english ;) THX GaanSan


Gaya Alliance History

The white place is Dawn Axillos Lands, where all started and ended!

It all began long ago, when the elves, dwarves, orcs, humans and many small other nations lived in peace in the north lands of the future world. They lived in peace but, that didn't mean that they liked each other. The problems between this nations never ended, they only took place in the neutral lands and no one shared anything with each other. The nations lived for their own race and never helped other nation. Only some handful people of the nations which lived in the center came good along with each other, the lands were named Dawn Axillos Land. The Elves had many small villages with good places to hunt, for the food. The dwarves got big mines for resources and the orcs were the defender of the forbidden caves of Garogaz. This caves were sealed thousand years ago and the orcs were defending them against every intruder, who tried to get in and maybe awake the evil, which was sealed there. It was normal to see in this lands many travelers and adventurers, because no borders were made there, so everyone can come and see how the things were there. All was good and no one ever though about what could happen in the next 277 years.

The Time of Destruction

Lands live in peace!
The demons came out!

In the past, there were ten villages of the Orc Protector Clans in the region of the evil caves. But because nothing happened in the past 800 year, many orcs went away and only two villages were left in the region. The other villages was Sibris of the Orc Protector Clan in the snow lands, some miles away from the evil caves. The elves and dwarves around the caves not really liked the orcs, and everyone forgot, why the orcs were there and forgot all about the possible danger, which can come from the evil caves.

In the year 1150 AC an big earthquake destroyed many villages and towns around the Dawn Axillos Lands. Many people died under big rocks, which fell from the mountains. The village Dragosh of the noble Orc Protector Clan lost this day many of their own people. The Earthquake destroyed many ways in the defended caves and they needed to restore everything. In the time, when they cleaned the caves from falling rocks, the orcs didn't knew that something evil got free from the Darkness, which was sealed for so long time.

An orc worker mined in the old caves to get the rocks away, when something dark from the inner of the cave screamed. It was a shock, and the orc run away, but he forgot to close the big door to the exit of the cave. When the orc leader heard, that there was something in the caves, he collected all his orcs, which were left and wanted to explore the caves, but it was too late. Thousands of demons came out of the cave and the orcs had no chances to make something. They fought as long as they could, but they had no chances, the demons outnumbered them and killed every orc. Only one orc could escape the massive attack and run to the near village of the elves Travincal. He told them what happened and the elves first not believed him, but when from the far a mass of demons came near the lands of Travincal they decided to send scouts to all nearby lands, to warn them, of the coming attack of the evil.

War of the Darkness

Mass attack of demons!
The people had no chances!

And the fight for survival began. The massive troops of the demons rushed through many lands and killed everyone. The elves, dwarves and orcs fought long time against the demons. Some regions could be defend, but other had no chances against the monsters, because the races decide to protect only important places. The races called for help, from the big kings of Elves, Ocs and Dwarves. The nation of the elves dint believe that this demons could ever reach them, thats why they send only a minimum army to the regions where the demons were seen. The dwarves decided not to help, they told everyone, that no demons could every come into the lands of their nation, their walls would stand every attack or invasion. The orcs were the only nation, which send a big army for help. Thousands of orcs fought a long fight against the evil monsters, but something was wrong, an illness fall on the warriors and many of them died because of this illness. Thats why the king of the orcs decided to fall back with the army to the borders of their lands. More and more regions fell into the hands of the demons and no one can stop them. After the loss of two regions of the dwarves and a very important mine, the dwarves kings decided to change their strategy and send a big dwarves army to the borders. The elves started to use the old magic, for some barriers against the demons. The amount of the demons never stopped and the troops of the nations were decimated more and more, they needed to fall back and had no chances against the thousands monsters. After years the nations lost many of their people in this war of the darkness. The Darkness claimed more and more regions and got more and more near the borders of the main lands of the nations. Once the orcs asked the elves for help in the upper regions near their borders, but the elves laughed at them and never helped, after this the orcs lost many land to the demons, because the illness killed many of their soldiers. The orc leader was very angry, that this all happened and decided to close all borders and to make mass protection on the main regions. The demons attacked more dwarves mines and could go through this mines into the underground world of the dwarves main lands. Through this loss, the dwarves were decimated to an minimum, and lost the biggest regions of their nation. The orcs and elves lost many regions too and no end of the attacks was seen in the future.

Portal to Underworld

The support for demons!

In the caves and mines of the main lands underground, where the dwarves lived till the demons came, was made an portal to the underworld. Through this portal came many new opponents, like undead, necromancers, evil elves and many other monsters. This changed many fights, because the new evil troops boosted the demons and rushed with no mercy through the lands. More and more monsters came through the portal and this made the fights worser and the losses went up for the other nations. The dwarves high king in the Zardon Mountains decided to send his own royal dwarves army and the other dwarves king of the Hirato Mountain send his last armies for support. They came deep into the lost lands and reached the portal, but before they could destroy it, some big Demon Lords came through and destroyed the most army. The last survived dwarves destroyed the portal, but they were killed in the mines by the massive troops of the undead.

The Time of Reunion

Alliance between nations!

In the year 1190 AC, the nations decided to make an meeting, because they needed to decide what to do against the evil troops, which could destroy them all. The first time, the humans came to such an meeting as an nation, which told, that they could help them with many troops and armies. On the meeting the humans showed their might with some wizards and paladins, which could withstand the demons with ease. The 4 nations decided to form an alliance and to fight together against the evil.

The Golden Army

The Golden Army was formed!

From the far lands of the elves came the best Hunters, from the deep mines came the Warriors of the dwarves, from the desert came the Berserkers of the orcs. The humans send thousand of their own troops, there were Soldiers, Wizards and Paladins. The biggest help were the healing Druids and Tree elves. The first thing they have done, was the border of defense between them and the invested lands of the demons. The whole armies defend this borders with their lives and could stand long time against the evil. The best of the best from all the nations formed the new strongest army, and their name of this army was The Golden Army. This new troops started to attack back the evil and after some years of fight, they got many lands back from the demons. The Lord of the Golden Army was Hitaki Yuondar an Elve from the far lands of Yuldania, the hidden lands of the high elves. He formed the guild of the free Army, so the Golden Army became an own guild and was not ruled by some of the nations, they were their own ruler. They fought for freedom of the lost lands to the evil. Their goals were to defeat all the demons and seal them behind the Evil Doors Of Darkness. All the elite warrior in this army, gave their lives for this guild and told that they will not serve any of the other nations, if this will not help the nations to win against the darkness.

Human Invasion

Human attack others!
No end of war in sight!

In the year 1195 AC, there was a big meeting of the 4 nations and the leaders of the golden army. The war needed more resources and gold to proceed, and the golden army asked this from the nation. Elves, orcs and dwarves agreed for the help, only the humans told, that they cannot help anymore and have their own problems in their lands. After the meeting the Baron of the human nation meets with the human lords of the golden army. The baron told them to retreat from the golden army and to bring all the human elite warriors with them. But the human lords told them, that they and their armies will no more serve the human nation, only to the golden army guild. Tis was not the answer, the baron was waiting far, he was angry and told them, that this will end not good for everyone.

In the Kingdom of the humans the government made an meeting with all lords and kings of the whole lands of humans. They decided that the time has come, to erase the other races from this world. They formed an big army of humans and started an war against the orcs, elves and dwarves. The attacks of the big human army was so fast, that the first regions of the other nations fell after some years into human hands. The elves, orcs and dwarves send some of their people to the human lands, to speak about the attacks. The human lied to every of them and told, them that they are only helping other nation. So like they told to elves: "The orcs asked us, to help to destroy the elves and the dwarves. We agreed because, they wanted to attack us instead." and so they told to everyone of them... The elves declared war to orcs, the orcs declared war to elves and dwarves, and the dwarves closed their gates for everyone, for defending their last mountains. The humans started with this lie an all out invasion to elves, orcs and dwarves.

After some years the elves, orcs and dwarves find out about the lie of the humans and asked the golden army for help. The lord of the golden army told every of them, that they will not help them against the invasion of the humans, their only mission was to defeat the demons and they were not finished with this, what happened with other nation and why, was not their interest. And so began an two sided war, between the humans and the last survivors of elves, orcs and dwarves.

Fall of Vanquing Nation

Two sided war!
No mercy of the humans!

In the year 1270 AC the most demons were defeated by the golden army and the humans gained many new regions from the elves, orcs and dwarves. The biggest enemy of the humans were the Dwarves Vanquing Nation in the Bogomirg mountains. Since 20 years are the humans armies trying to claim the lands of the last dwarves nation. The big walls and the strongest gate of the dwarves were to mighty and the dwarves fought with their all might to stand against the big army of the humans. The humans showed no mercy in this war, on all lands where they won in the war, they killed every other race they met. This dwarves nation, was the last one, which is knows, where dwarves are living. The humans hate the dwarves, because they are hiding in their bastion behind the big walls and gates and it is like impossible to get into the mountain. 5 years ago, a group of humans started to dig behind the mountain, to make an other way into the lands of the dwarves, but when they made an hole to an old mine, under the mountain and hungriest of soldier went through, an explosion destroyed all the way and killed all the solders under the rocks.

The human magician guild made an RockGolem and started to attack the gate of the dwarves. The golem was that big, that he could raise his hands over the gate and attack the dwarves on it. After days of fight, the dwarves lost many of their men, but they could defeat the big golem, with their might of hammers. What they didn't knew, the humans prepared many barrels with an explosive substance and placed them all around the walls and mountain, the last was another golem, who ran into the gate and placed many of this explosive barrels at the gate. An mass explosion destroyed the whole defense of the dwarves and made the way open for the waiting armies of the humans. But the humans knew, that the dwarves had many tunnels and mines under this mountain and would be not easy to fight against them. Some other magicians started before to research bionic poisons. They send thousands of soldiers into the mountain, every of them was invested with this poison. As they knew, all the soldiers were slain by the dwarves with ease, but they all got poisoned.

After seven years the human started another attack at the dwarves nation, but no one defeated them, because all the dwarves were dead. A bunch of survivors were caught and brought into human prisons. After some days they were executed. And so in the year 1301 AC, the last dwarves of the Vanquing Nation died. This was an message for all the elves and orcs, that the humans will not stop and kill everyone of them, if they will not surrender, and give all their lands to the humans.

The Gaya Contract

The end was near!

In the year 1310 AC The last demons were played by the golden army and the gat to the darkness was sealed again. The Golden army made an HQ in the near place of this gate. At the same time, the most lands of elves and orcs were defeated by the humans. An big army of the humans, ten times bigger then the golden army, came to the lands, where the golden army was stationed. The general of the human army made an meeting with the lord of the golden army, he told him to give up all weapons or be defeated by the human army, if they will not want to hear. The lord smiled and told him, to stop the war against the other races or the golden army will go against the humans. The general don't believed him and wanted to attack the golden army, but before he could give his orders an mighty Magician of the golden army casted an barrier around the big army of the humans. No one could break it and they all were trapped in this barrier with not enough food for 3 days. This situation changed everything, the general retreated with his army to the human nation and never came again against the golden army. The war stopped against the other races, but it was too late only a bunch of survivors of the other races decided to disappear from this world. A few of elves and orcs who were left, went to the golden nation and started a new life in the Dawn regions. All the races in the golden army made an important contract with the human nation, the name was Gaya Alliance contract.

The beginning of the Alliance

Dawn Lands for Gaya Alliance!

The lands of Dawn were since the 1307 AC the property of the Gaya Alliance, which was earlier the golden army. The Lord of the golden army, told the humans nation, that if they start a war against them, they will strike back with all might they have. The humans didn't attack the small piece of lands from Gaya Alliance, but they destroyed all last lands of elves and orcs which were left in the outer world. All around the Gaya Alliance lands of Dawn, were in the hands of humans nation. Many years there was peace between the humans and Gaya, but after some years there was not much place for all the people in the Dawn regions and the Gaya Alliance Leaders decided to try to get lands from the human nations. The meeting was not that good, the Overking from the Human Nation around the Dawn lands, didn't wanted to give land to the Gaya people and they told them, that no one can step on their lands from the Gaya Alliance nation. The Gaya Alliance Leaders started an new plan, how they can handle the over population of the Gaya people.

Gaya Alliance Nations

The old world of Gaya Alliance in the past!
The old world of Gaya Alliance in the present!

The big Gaya Alliance meeting was in the year 1377 AC, the problem about the over population was the main decision. To the meeting came all the leaders of the regions in Dawn lands, there were:

Race of Orcs:

  • Dragosh Protector Orc Clan Leader Gug'adesh
  • Bevredas Snow Orc Leader Gubi'nsha
  • Huganri Desert Orc Leader Zan'kindr

Race of Elves:

  • Travincal High Elves Leader Ulgandim
  • Damidas Jungle Elves Leader Popilav
  • Grados Mountain Elves Leader Farindan

Race of Dwarves:

  • Lucca Mine Dwarves Leader Gubanir
  • Brews Mine Dwarves Leader Burgindas
  • Virago Smithy Dwarves Leader Rikadon

Race of Human:

  • Hedayra Merchant Human Leader Jackren
  • Draconi Viking Human Leader Heros
  • Gholein Mercenary Human Leader Bardock

Race of Gayanian

  • Seaside High Lords Leader Leonid
  • Jungle High Lords Leader Anjalica
  • Desert High Lords Leader Petrucha

Race of Dwemer:

  • Underground Dwemer Elder Kitas
  • Snow Lands Dwemer Elder Brumdin

Race of Merman:

  • Kiton Elder Merman Leader Quiquir

Race of Xitau:

  • High Lands Xitau King Lilliamdra

Race of Elvar:

  • Largos Royal Elvar Emperor Yin'kar

The meeting was hold for more then 7 days, they spoke about every possible way to save the Gaya Nation. Some want to start a war against the human nation, but other wanted to make some other plans, in other lands, but how could they transport all the people there. Then the Emperor Yin'kar of the Elvar told them to go to a new place, where the gaya nation can live without problems, and he told them, that his high wizard Ba'kudra could transport all the people with an portal to an far land behind the high mountains. It was sure, that all the people who will went there, will have no more return chances. After the ending of the meeting, the decision was to start the collect of the people who will teleport to the new world of Gaya. The Leaders started an countdown of 3 years, when they will begin this mass transport to a new world.

Gaya Alliance New World

The year 1400 AC was the important year of the Gaya Alliance Nation, the wizards of Elvar made a big portal to a far world beyond the lands of humans, far away, where no one was before. Thousands of people from all races started to go through the portal, the first were the Royal Guards of the Golden Army, no one knew if the portal is working or not, because it was only a way in one direction. The last were the Dwemer, only hundred of them who stepped into the portal and the portal closed after them. All the leader who were 3 years ago at the meeting were now on the other side of this portal. The new Leaders of the old world of Gaya never found out, if all went good on the other side, but they hoped, that all was fine. All wizards of the Elvar went to the new world, thats why, no one could ever open a new portal to the new world.

Rebuilding and Explore

The future look of the Gaya Alliance New World Nation

On the other side, all the people were in a new lands, where all was green, on this place of the outcome of the portal, they started to build a new city and the name of this city was Prontera. But there was not that much place for all the people, so they decided to split and to look for new places. Many groups of hundreds of people from every race went in different directions to find new places for living. One group went through high Mountains to a far winter lands and they started to build there Winterfell. Some other group started to build the mountain city Utonia. Another group build ships and sailed to a lands, where they build a city named Feralan. And so there were build more and more cities, like Dragonstone, Ebidos and many more. Some races split up from the groups and went away for make an own city, the Elves made Geffen, the Dwemer made the underground city Comodo, the Orcs made the city Morroc and the Elvar made an flying city Yuno. And the race of Xitau, made a city Xillis and an hidden village, named Kirk.

After 30 years of building and exploring the New World of Gaya Alliance, the first explorer of Gayanian met the first other people ... and this were human kingdoms, which were very surprised of meeting the new, they called intruder in the far lands, they self never were. At first the Gaya Leaders of the New World thought that this human would be not bad, but it was not so. They declared war to the Gaya Alliance Nation and started the first attacks on the nearest regions of Skyhold. The Elvar Emperor Yin'kar was angry about this situation, because everywhere they wanted to life, was no peace.

The Gaya Wall

The New World Meeting was held in Yuno and they decided to protect their lands, with a big Wall. The dwarves started to work and the elves helped them. After 12 years of work together and a war against the humans again, which had no chances against the wizards and armies of Gaya. But before the human kingdom got help from other kingdoms, the Gaya Alliance Wall was done. The wall was really big, all around a big lands. All the races were now safe from the attack behind the walls. The walls were not normal, the work of the dwarves and dwemer was really strong and nothing could break it. And the wizards of Elvar made Protection Barriers on the walls, so that nothing could harm it. The humans tried to attack the walls with all they got, but it was impossible. Some catapults tried to attack above the wall, but the barrier stopped this attacks, and so the humans tried for many years, till they gave up, made some castle for observing the Gaya Alliance.

Advigor's Maschine of Time

Safe behind the wall, the Gaya Alliance Nation grew good and well. The wizards of Elvar researched many new magical skills and made the live in the Gaya lands very good. On Dragonstone the first Dragons flew into the sky. In Izlude airships were made. An fleet Armada was build into the sky. More other clans and guilds raised and started to make other armies for the future against all what will came from the other side of the wall. An member of the Elvar wizards made a new research of a machine, which could manipulate the time. The leaders decided to use this new time research for making the who Gaya Lands transport into the future, so that they could see how the world will change. For the time machine was needed an special resource, which only the dwemer had, but there was only resources to bring the whole Gaya Alliance New World far for 700 years into the future and not more. No one knew what will await them in the future, if the humans will claim everything and everywhere or they all would be dead. The time machine was used, but it went not so good, and the lands of Gaya had many earthquakes and the weather was really bad. Some blizzards and storms went through the lands and many cities and town were destroyed and after everything become normal, the people first started to rebuild everything before they wanted to look, what have changed in the outer world.

It was the year 2011 AC, where the New World of Gaya Alliance raised from the past. What happened in the world, will be soon lifted.

The Dark Side of Xitau

2011 AC The races started to plan, what they will do now in the new time, because they know that the world outside the wall has changed, but they didn't know how much it has changed. The first what they have done, was sending out 4 Airships, with no weapons, only some people and resources for trading. The mission was to find a place for making a little village and gather information about the new world outside the wall. One ship was with elves and humans, one was with dwarves and gayanian, another one with orcs and humans and the last one with Xitau and some Dwemer. The main city Prontera grew to a bigger city, many people started to build in the city and around it. The High Elvar Magicians started to build a new high tower for teaching other races with magic. The orcs and gayanian formed some new troops for the protection of Gaya. Admiral Kyrill Avian asked the 20 Leaders of the Gaya Alliance to concentrate on the defense of the Gaya Alliance, against every enemy who will come against them. Some of the leaders were against strengthen the army, they need peace in the world and with every nation they will meet outside the wall. The Elvar Grandmaster decided to speak with the Highlord of the Xitau, about the near future of their races. They knew that they were not many left in this world, the Xitau Highlord told him many things. After the time was changed he had an communication with some other Xitau, who were alive in the outside of the wall. The outer Xitau told him, that the humans are now the most ruler of the world and the other races were decimated to a minimum and don't have the strength to withstand the big might of the humans. The Elvar Grandmaster wanted to tell this all the other Leaders and to find what they can do with this, together. But the Xitau Highlord didn't wanted this and told him not to speak to the other, they are all not trust enough and he left. But the Elvar Grandmaster didn't hear to him and told all to the other Leaders. They all decided to search for some possible ways, how to protect the Gaya Alliance and make peace with other nations.

Gaya Alliance New Worlds Goals

2012 AC It was the biggest meeting since, the races of Gaya decided to change the time. Many Leader of all cities and all races came to the Elvar City Yuno in the sky. More then 80 high graded people spoke about the future of Gaya. Many days were passing by, they spoke about everything. Everyone told their ideas.

In the same time, not far away from the main city Prontera and near the south exit of the wall, there was a hidden village, deep in the wild of the trees. People in dark clothes lived there, they gathered around an little temple and spoke with bad languages some mystery phrases. One of them stopped and went to the altar in the middle, he had an knife in the left hand and a box in the right hand. Something bloody was in this box, he put it on the altar and raised the knife into the air, after some other words he put the knife into this box, some screams came out and then there was nothing, everyone waited for something. Out of nowhere flames came out of the box, the flames were blue. "The time has come, our Alliance will be no more. They don't want to save this lands from the evil. From the Humans. We need to erase this evil from this world. This time, we will not fail, like the las time, when we woke up the Darkness in the Old World. This time we will defeat every other race and kill everyone who is against us. Oh Dark Exeviar Ourunda, the Lord of the Evil Monsters from the Hell, come to us and bring us the peace which we want." After this words, the earth began to vibrate and all around the villages many portals of purple color started to appear. And after they were big enough, monsters started to come out of this portals. Many evil monsters came, but they didn't attack the people in black, they started to form an army around the village.

The people in the City of Yuno knew nothing about this happening and made an decision. The new goals of the Gaya Alliance were:

  • Make peace with all nations, they will meet
  • Make trading posts all around the world
  • To protect everyone in Gaya
  • To find friends and make other alliances

And after this was decided, a storm started outside. The weather began to burst against the windows. It started to snow. Everyone was shocked and surprised, what happened. An Elvar Mage came to the Meeting and told everyone, that the magical barrier has detected evil monsters in the Gaya Lands. The were all shocked and everyone stand up, to get fast to their cities, they needed to form the armies for protection. Green portals of Elvar were formed, to bring everyone to their locations.

The Inner Wall War against Xitau Race

2013 AC The main city Prontera was attacked by thousands of monsters, the protection armies have done their best, but the mass on enemies dint stopped. And then The help came, this were the Elvar Mages from city Yuno, they brought hundred of Magician to the city, for helping in protection. The Mages had no problems to burn the armies of the evil, one by one they killed them. The Gayanian Leader in Prontera was really happy about the big knowledge of the Elvar Mages in magic. And then people in dark appeared outside the city walls, they started to use magic too and concentrated the attacks against the Elvar Mages. The Elvar were surprised, they didn't knew, that there are dark mages against them, but who are they. In the past, there were no magic users in the devils armies, but now there are some. Other cities started to bring armies to main city. Everyone wanted to support.

In Yuno, the 19 highest Leaders of the Gaya Alliance met up, to discuss, what they can do against the new evil, and how it could happen, that they appeared in the New World. The Dwemer Leader spoke about the Xitau Leader, who was not in the meeting, he wanted to know why, but no one knew the answer, till the Elvar Grandmaster told them, about the information he got from the Xitau Highlord some month ago. The only possible was, that the Xitau were somehow involved in the new happening. The Gayanian Leader decided to send a troop of best warriors to the Xitau city in the highlands. Their mission was to find out, why the Xitau are not coming to the meeting and what did they know about the appearance of the evil armies. First the Elvar tried to make an portal to the city of Xitau, but something blocked it, no one knew that the Xitau had this high level of magic knowledge. So the troop of elite warriors was send to the nearest town to the Xitau city Xillis. The town was small, only some farmers lived there. The troop of elites were:

  • Orc Lord Grig'Rash (Axes)--------------| Orc
  • High Elve Luriannder (Bow)-------------| Elve
  • Paladin Alexandro (Sword/Shield)-----| Gayanian
  • Dragic Lord Padromi (Speer)-----------| Human
  • High Priest Arianna (Book)--------------| Gayanian
  • Thief Master Janinia (Daggers)--------| Human
  • Dwarve Warrior Bagadir (Axe)---------| Dwarve
  • Elvar Wizard Elyndia (Stab)------------| Elvar
  • Protector Knight Tadiam (BigSword)-| Dwemer

the detailed story of this troop of warriors is told in Heroes of Gaya Act I (will come out in March 2018).

After a long journey, the troop find out that the Xitau were the race, who got the demons back into the New World. Their goals are to destroy every other nation and race in the world, because they hate the humans and want to kill them all. The information was a big shock for the other races, in the mean time, the war against the demons was fought all around the New World. But the biggest news were, that the Xitau, want to make an big portal for the King of Hell, he should come to destroy all the live in the world. This was the biggest danger which they could think of. The Xitau were now the biggest enemy and they need to do something against this. All the Leaders decided to get help from the outer world of the wall. So they send out many parties of own people to get help. In the time, till the help can come, the Elvar started an big ritual, which will cost all their might and magic, to hold back all the demons and monster in the New World, and not let them out to the other world. This was the best they could do. The armies of Gaya were now in an official war against the evil Xitau Race.

Evil Ritual of Darkness

2014 AC The magic barrier around the city Xillis started to fade and broke in. In the same time seven mysterious creatures appeared around this city and with them, there were thousands of demons and monsters. This big armies were for the protection of the Xitau city, against the armies of Gaya Alliance.

Before the Xitau started to build the big portal, there happened some things, Heroes of Gaya Act II (will come out in March 2018). In the city center there was build an big Portal out of bones and blood, it was 100 meters high and 50 meters width. The process of building this portal was coming to its end, and the Xitau Leaders and the Xitau Highlord gathered around this portal to speak their dark words, to prepare the summon of the portal and so the appearance of the King of Hell. The war around the New World was hard for all the people who live there, no one was safe from the continuous attacks of the demons and monsters. The armies of Gaya Alliance had much to do, but they needed help, because the amount of soldiers was decreasing, but the demons amount was not. The main goal was to stop the summoning of the King of Hell, but another goals were to close the appeared portals of darkness all around the world.

One of this portals was near the city Feralan, there was an dark tree with a flame in the middle and around it, there were more then 10 portals of the darkness. Many monsters gathered around it, to protect the portals and the nearest town Nedag was the port for the evil. They got ships and brought all the appearing monsters to other islands. The King Villindras of Feralan decided to send all his last warriors, who were left for defending the castle and the people, to destroy the portals. But the attack was destroyed and only the half of the soldiers could survive and get back into the castle. The monsters formed another army and wanted to attack now the helpless castle, to destroy them all. But then a group of warriors appeared in the castle and told the King, that they will help them, with this problem.

Detailed story of this: Heroes of Gaya Act III (will come out in March 2018).

For the help, there appeared an blue Dragon and started to attack the monsters. With many battles, at the end, they could destroy all the portals and could free the village Nedag from the evil. The evil Tree could not be destroyed, but an Wizard made an saving barrier around this Tree, to stop the dark land from spreading around. An Druid was placed in the near of the tree, to observe the future happening.

Dark creatures

2014/2015 AC

from one moment to another, many dark creatures start to appear all around the world of Gaya, they were more powerful then an normal demon or monster. This creatures destroyed many small villages and attacked many cities. It was gain the time to send out an warrior troop to find out, where they came from, detailed story of this: Heroes of Gaya Act IV (will come out in March 2018).

The mighty Paladins of the Gayanian race were send out to protect the villages from this new creatures, the fights were really hard and not overtime they could withstand the attacks of this mysterious creatures. The barrier of the Elvar, who made to protect and not let out the evil out of the Gaya Walls was fading, because a big attack of flying monsters has been started at the city Yuno. Only with the help of the Dragons they could withstand them and defeat them. And then there appeared an dragon looking creature with three heads and destroyed the grand hall of Yuno. Many Elvar died at this attack and only the informations of the warriors, who were send out, they could defeat this big creature.

In the mean time, the Xitau could finish the preparation of the big portal and started with the Evil Ritual of Darkness, to summon the King of Hell.

King of Hell

2015 AC More then 80% of the armies from Gaya Alliance were lost in the war, only the rest was defeating the last cities and villages. The hope pf winning was not in sight. The Heroes of Gaya were sent out to the hidden village Kirk of the Xitau race, because they found out, that there has everything started and maybe its possible to stop all there. This was their last hope, because around the city, where the portal and summoning was held, was defeated by too much of evil troops and monsters. The way was not easy, but they could get to the hidden village and had to fight against two dark creatures, which were Leaders of the dark armies. With a big loss of warriors they could defeat this creatures and arrived at the village center, where an big purple Stone was in the middle and only Xitau Magicians were around it.

Detailed story of the way, the warriors made in village Kirk: Heroes of Gaya Act V (will come out in March 2018).

In the same time, the King of Hell came out of the dark portal in Xillis and he was huge. The first what the Xitau asked him, was to destroy the main city of Gaya, because there were the highest Leaders of Gaya, and after their loss, the people and armies will give up against the dark. The King of Hell flew up into the sky and started an magical spell of darkness for an attack on the city. But then there appeared many dragons in the sky and started to attack the King of Hell. Another many Airships appeared and started to fight against him. Many flying monsters from the Xillis city, flew up, to defeat their King. The Xitau attacked with magic from the ground. An big fight was hold. But this intruder, were no match for the King of Hell and he was not stopping to collect his might, for destroying the city Prontera.

In the village Kirk, the last warriors fought their last fight against these Xitau Magicians and could defeat them and at the end destroy the Purple Stone. The biggest earthquake started to shock. And an dark voice was to hear screaming. The Purple Stone was the Might Holding for the King of Hell, thats why he was starting to fade in this world, it was his end, but he was very angry and the first he done, before he disappear was to through an big energy ball down onto the Xillis city and another one at the Prontera city. His anger was against the failed mission of the Xitau and against his defenders. The city of Xitau was pulverized and the other energy ball flew with all the might at the Prontera city. The people in the city saw the end of their city coming upon them.

New friends for future

2017 AC Before the dark energy ball reached the city, an big yellow magic barrier appeared around the city. There were many flying objects in the air, there were flying airplanes, airships, dragons and other transporters, which the people in Gaya never saw before. It was the reinforcement of other nations from behind the wall. The groups which were sent to get help, could find it and bring it with them to Gaya. The new friends had many fantastic never seen armies and vehicles. They fired special weapons at the coming dark energy ball and with all the common force, they could not stop the dark energy ball, but change the direction of it. Some meters above the city, the dark energy ball flew behind the city and crashed with full might into the earth. The big Scar of Darkness appeared in the earth. It was really big, from behind the city to the wall of Gaya went an dark scar and the Gaya Wall was destroyed too. Everyone in the city was happy, that the reinforcement of new friends from behind the wall helped them in the last moment. In the far they saw, how the King of Hell disappeared. But the monsters and demons were left behind. They were now without lead, and started to attack everyone and everything in the Gaya Lands. But with the help of the new friend nations, Gaya could defeat all the last monsters and demons and after 6 years of the war against the Xitau and Darkness it ended in the year 2017 AC. New alliances and trading were made with the other nations, new bounds were made and the peace come back to the New World. Everyone started to rebuild all the destroyed in the New World, the new friend helped where they could. And now in the world of Gaya Alliance the new life started!

Gaya Alliance in the present

Nationality in Gaya overview!

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  • Humans: 27%
  • Gayanian: 23%
  • Elves: 17%
  • Orcs: 13%
  • Dwarves: 12%
  • Merman: 3%
  • Dwemer: 2%
  • Elvar: 2%
  • Xitau: 1%


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Culture & Religion

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The Gaya Alliance Protection Armies

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Dragonstone Dragon Clan

Winterfell Snow Clan

Prontera Royal Paladins

The Gaya Guardians

Elite Sky Protectors

The Golden Airfleet Armada

Gaya Alliance City's / Town's / Village's

Gaya Alliance Territories in New World

Gaya Alliance Territories in Old World

Gaya Alliance Observation Fortresses

Gaya Alliance Hidden places

The stories of the history

  • Between worlds (The story will come between Dezember 2017 and August 2018!) times: 100 BC till 50 AC
  • The Dwemer Pride (The story will come between Dezember 2017 and March 2018!) times: 200 AC till 350 AC
  • Legendary Gayanian (The story will come between March 2018 and Mai 2018!) times: 930 AC till 990 AC
  • Demonic Blood (The story will come between Juni 2018 and September 2018!) times: 1120 AC till 1350 AC
  • Heroes of Gaya (The story will come between Oktober 2018 and Dezember 2018!) times: 2011 AC till 2017 AC

Races in Gaya

  • Gayanian
    • They look like humans, but their ears are smaller and the eyes are like from cats.
  • Humans
  • Elves
  • Dwarves
  • Orcs
  • Merman
  • Elvar
  • Dwemer
  • Xitau
  • Demonic
  • Undead
  • Avax