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Friday Fun Land (sometimes stylized as FridayFunland) is a 300x200 block amusement park located south of Oranjestad, east of Belthil, and north of New Venice. The park was originally owned and operated by Tweber Entertainment until 2021. It features over dozens of attractions and roller coasters.

Early in its history, Friday Fun Land received widespread recognition for its record-breaking attractions and events. One of the park's most well-known attractions, The Deathcube, is often credited with reviving worldwide interest in theme parks in 2012. Others, such as The Twister, have set several world records, some of which remain standing. The park has also suffered through times of negative publicity, particularly surrounding its poor maintenance record and run-down appearance between 2013 and 2020.


Friday Fun Land was one of the earliest developments on the Shire when famed land developer Tweber joined the server in early 2011. Construction continued until September 10 2011, when Tweber joined the server for the last time. His whereabouts remain a mystery to this day. Since Tweber’s departure, several additional rides and structures have been added by various members.

Tweber built some of the first iconic pieces of the park, including the famous Ghast and Creeper gates, The Twister rollercoaster, Park Offices, and the Ice Skating Rink. Also in 2011, the area was linked to a pre-Shire Transit Authority train station, built by LTTylerJ30 and Dendrago. The track, originally destined to New Haven in the south, would eventually become part of the Dulcia Line in 2015. The station has kept it’s 2011-era style throughout the years. It went through a minor renovation on August 6 2020.

Early in Friday Fun Land development, an adjacent project was started by Grunto and Fatllama called the “Pirate Cove”. It never developed beyond a large skull. The area was later incorporated into Friday Fun Land but as of February 2021 it has not yet been developed into an attraction.

One of the first major attractions featured at the park was The Twister, a single track wooden roller coaster. Designed by park creator Tweber, The Twister was the first of its kind and played an integral part of the roller coaster renaissance of the 2010s. It was distinguished as a Roller Coaster Landmark by Shire Coaster Enthusiast Quarterly Magazine (SCEQ) in recognition for its historical significance.

On the heels of early success came turbulent times beginning in 2013. Friday Fun Land’s location was chosen due to its proximity to the Mainland. However, the expected development of the area faltered. Infrastructure needed to bring crowds to the area was lacking, and the slow decay of Skylan in the north eventually cut off access from Oranjestad and brought an increase in crime. As of February 2021, access to Friday Fun Land is still restricted to small footpaths and the Dulcia Line train station in the west, and the Ghast Entrance has no direct access to Skylan or Oranjestad. An effort to restore this connection was underway as of early 2021.

In February 2021, a group of Shire developers led by Suntinfunny, SeagullsRule, and Zhenya17 bought the ailing property and began a massive campaign to revamp, restore, and redevelop Friday Fun Land. A Grand Reopening was held on February 5th.


  • The Twister
    • Built by Tweber in 2011, restored by SeagullsRule and Suntinfunny in 2021
  • The Deathcube
    • Arena built by Mikeylegodude in 2012
  • The Blue Lagoon
    • Originally built by Chan04Stephen and completely revamped by Suntinfunny and SeagullsRule on Feb 2 2021
  • Acacian Adventure
    • Track originally built by nebbers, remodeled by Suntinfunny
  • Funtro
    • Built by Zhenya in Feb 2021 as both a mini metro system/people mover that encircles the park, and also as a ride itself
  • On Point!
    • Built by Suntinfunny
  • Pig Race Track
    • Built by Suntinfunny
  • No-Name-Chaos
    • Built by Zhenya17
  • Around the hottest and coldest places in 150 seconds or less
  • Nether World
  • Ice Rink
    • Built by Tweber
  • Oceanatic Aquarium
  • Pirate Cove
    • Initial idea and Skull face built by Fatllama and Grunto. The dream was fulfilled 10 years later by Suntinfunny and SeagullsRule
  • Space Spiral
    • Built by Zhenya
  • Chateau Arbemaisonnes
    • Built by Zalidia
  • Horse racing, Beach, Picnic Palace, Parkour, and more...