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Feverly Hills is a borough of Fulfwotz, containing the districts of Downtown (exclusive to Feverly Hills only), North and South Feverly Hills, and Maritza. It is probably best known for its affluence and portrayal in the media, being the setting of numerous reality TV shows (De Duches of DeDuche, Real Housewives of Feverly Hills, Trust Fund Babies Playground, Daddy's New Mistress). It is also home to the headquarters of the contentious Church of Sammintology, and the main estate of the moneyed Biltbobble Family, Biltbobble Manor. in 2012, Glorbes Magazine listed Feverly Hills as the #1 Most Expensive Zip Code in the Shire. It is a prime area for the residences of celebrities and nobility. The noted Ceppides Family played a large hand in the buildup of the borough, and while they do not hold this position as plain as a century ago, six out of ten Feverly Hills borough council members are of Ceppides relation. The borough has been called a "cesspit of melodrama of and for the Fulfwotz Aristocracy."


Feverly Hills was first established in 1889 under the name Las Colinas de Feverly, a small alpaca farm owned by the brothers Juan and Raul Colinas. It was named for their deceased mother, Feverly Colinas. The two brothers made good business selling alpaca fiber, but seven of their ten alpacas were killed by mountain lions and they were soon driven to bankruptcy. Desperate, they sold their farm to the Ceppides Family, who demolished the farm and began construction of a high-end shopping promenade in 1910. After selling their main home in Pinecone Village (now the infamous St. Bellevue Hotel), the family constructed a mansion near the promenade and further developed the surrounding area into the present-day Downtown district and Las Colinas Boulevard. The upscale shopping and proximity to other wealthy residents attracted families across the Shire, and celebrities began to purchase mansions during the rise of Follywood in the 1920's.

The world-class Biltbobble Family, having previously lived in a mansion in Caffa, migrated back to Fulfwotz following the expansion of Feverly Hills, led by Tenoustrie K. Biltbobble, the daughter of Ophelia and oldest living Biltbobble at the time. Having always been on very good terms with the Ceppides Family, the Biltbobbles were given a massive sprawl of land in the southern area of the borough which they named Maritza, after Tenoustrie's stillborn daughter. There they constructed their palatial family estate, which then attracted even more wealthy residents. In 1940, the average family income for Feverly Hills was upwards of $800,000 a year.

In the 1970's, during the rise of the Church of Sammintology, the founder, Emmanuel Lubbard, expressed desires to build a 520 acre headquarters for the church, dubbed "Silver Base". The plans were dismissed by the Feverly Hills Borough Council and called a waste of space. The enraged church took the case to the Sammichian Imperial Chancellory on the grounds of religious persecution, the chancellory being evenly divided, the first time in centuries. The matter was brought to the Emperor himself, who ruled that Silver Base shall not be built on grounds more suitable towards housing and business development. The church then proceeded to sue the New Sammichian Empire for religious oppression and demanded $30 million in reparations. The case was dismissed by the Emperor and Lubbard was exiled from Fulfwotz. It was not until 1982 (after Lubbard's death) that the Church negotiated the purchase of the Château de la Colline Hotel, which was renovated and converted into the international headquarters for the Church, a training center, and a hotel for Church members only. The Church is widely despised in Feverly Hills for its disruptive and frequent house calls, attempting to gain new followers. It was ruled by the Sammichian Imperial Chancellory that religious organizations may not perform house calls anywhere in the city.


Downtown is a dense and aptly-named district of Feverly Hills along Las Colinas Boulevard (sometimes the district is referred to as Las Colinas itself). It offers upscale shops and eateries along with expensive apartments that overlook the district. It consists of some of the most expensive shopping in the world, mainly within the La Frea Shopping Center. Downtown also includes the Feverly Hills station of the F-Line, which leads to Pinecone Village and Veneziana. During the Fulflet takeover in 1991, the Union claimed the shops of Downtown "entertained the superfluous greed and whimsy the Fulfwotzians insisted upon themselves", and were either shut down or burned.

North Feverly Hills

North Feverly Hills is primarily an upper-class residential district; it includes many hedged minimansions and is a prime real estate location for celebrities due to the relative privacy and location near Downtown's shopping. In 2012, repairs were made to the deteriorating infrastructure of the streets due to the roots of the invasive Bohrmann hedge species, which were then placed in custom-build planters to keep the roads in better condition. It was announced in 2014 that the entire district was planned to be completely overhauled beginning in 2016.

Tomcat Mansion

The district is also home to the famous Tomcat Mansion, owned by "the" Tomcat Leopold Topaz and maintained by the multi-million dollar adult entertainment company, Tomcat Enterprises. The mansion is among the largest in Fulfwotz, built in 1911 and originally home of Maria DeThessi, the distant cousin of Biltbobble grande dame Moniqué Cabraxte and convicted of murdering her husband (oil magnate Clark DeThessi) for his money. The mansion was purchased by Tomcat Enterprises in 1979 after the wide success of its nightclub and resort chains. Today, the mansion plays host to a year-round arrangement of parties and adult blowouts. During Topaz's Tomcat Magazine 300th Edition party in 2009, a fire started poolside after a bartender accidentally ignited a straw cabana while serving signature Fulfwotzian drink, Cephluss Cocktail, which is usually served with flames in the drink. Michael Eden, who suffered burns from the incident, sued Tomcat Enterprises but lost the case since the bartender was not affiliated with the company itself.

South Feverly Hills

Unlike its denser northern counterpart, South Feverly Hills features distant megamansions located deep within the forest that surrounds the southern city limits. The district is home to some of the wealthiest families in the Shire; both the Ceppides and Pessides families maintain estates in this district, while the Biltbobbles live in its neighboring district, Maritza. Tension in South Feverly Hills has been high for some time, since the district is almost divided in two by the feuding Ceppides and Pessides familiies. The district was almost actually broken up by the Sammichian Imperial Chancellory after Kitty W. Ceppides attempted to burn down the Pessides estate while they were on holiday in Caffa. Kitty, having been a Chancer in the Chancellory Senate at the time, was expelled from her position and sent to the Xanadu Penal Colony after her family's insistence that she not be sent to the notorious Woolowotz Penitentiary.


Named after Tenoustrie Biltbobble's stillborn daughter, Maritza was originally a massive tract of land that the Ceppides family gave to the Biltbobbles. After the construction of their mansion, it was opened to public development and several other mansions have been built since then. It also holds the celebrated Corduroy T. Ritz Academy for the Privileged, a private school where many of the Shire's finest sheltered heirs are educated. Once funded by the Ritz-Khalifa family, upon their scandalous and shocking split-up, the school was bailed out in 1970 by Emperor Sammich, whose nephew Pollux Von Wasserstein attended the school. It was completely funded by the Empire until 1973, when Alvina Ritz-Khalifa struck a deal with members of the Biltbobble family to continue funding the school.