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This article is about the Sammichian monarch. For the actual player, see User:Sammiches822.

Sammus II (Sammus Mephistes Inigmax Ich; born September 12, 1891) is the current ruling monarch of the New Sammichian Empire and its territories since his ascension to the throne of the then-Kingdom in 1906. While his actual name is Sammus, his popularity with the public as a child granted him a nickname - Sammich, derived from combining the prefix Samm with his last name (which is also, coincidentally, part of name of his race). Some take his name as innuendo to him being the 'leader' of the Sammichian race, and the nickname is even used in formal political proceedings.

Sammus was born in Fulfwotz to King Drefnex and Queen Balay, rulers of the Kingdom of Fulfwotz. He was the youngest of four siblings, and was seemingly going to inherit very little. This changed when his oldest brother Allexes was killed while hunting, his sister Pomanay went missing, and his other brother Matares joined the clergy, disinheriting him. After the abdication of his father and the death of his mother, he ascended to the throne. His rule was peaceful until the culmination of years of annexing nearby land and villages in the First World War. The aftermath of the war saw the consolidation of territories into the New Sammichian Empire, with him serving as Emperor. He has not married, but is believed to have fathered numerous illegitimate children in his time as Emperor.

Sammus is considered one of the Shire's most prominent politicians, and is currently the longest-reigning monarch in history for a total of 107 years, made possible through various procedures to elongate his life span and maintain a semblance of youth. Despite heavy criticism, he is credited with transforming the relatively insignificant Kingdom of Fulfwotz into one of the Shire's major superpowers. On the other hand, he is often condemned by other nations for supposedly allowing the interior of the state to devolve into a kleptocracy and his disregard for international law; he is also well-known for his contempt for the Sammichian Imperial Chancellery, the second half of Sammichian government, the two bodies frequently experiencing friction and disagreement.

Between his coronation and present day, Sammus has been the victim of over nine attempted assassinations and has been successfully usurped once by Fulflet-leader-to-be Cedon Wexfield. While he has survived all assassination attempts, he was shot twice in the leg during the 1999 attempt while leaving the Hotel Van Kimpton in Oranjestad. It has been long believed that some group has been targeting members of the Ich Dynasty, given the former Queen's death in a mysterious fire and the disappearance of Pomanay, although this hasn't been fully proven. Despite outside criticism, Sammus remains incredibly popular with his people. He is an outspoken advocate for environmental regulation, and the Empire is one of the Shire Environmental Administration's chief benefactors.

Early Life

Sammus was born on September 12th, 1891, to the rulers of the Kingdom of Fulfwotz, King Drefnex and Queen Balay. He was delivered in the middle of the night, allegedly during the worst storm the Kingdom had ever known. He was the youngest of four siblings; the heir apparent, Allexes, their only sister, Pomanay, and then Matares. He was named Sammus after the Ich Emperor of Xamichia who conquered the ancient city-state of Melaedes during the Malaedesian War in 652 PRY, making him the second monarch to carry the name. While all of his siblings had been taught at home by the family's governess, Madam Celine Bourgoff, Sammus was sent to Lord Cromerth Boarding School, a private school typically reserved for members of royalty and nobility within the Shire, where he was educated between the years of 1901 and 1904; he was expelled from the school after it was discovered that he had been stealing books from the school's library. He was going to attend another school, but his education was interrupted after the abdication of his father to marry heiress Cassiopeia Ceppides; since Allexes was not of age yet, being only 16 years old, Queen Balay became Queen Regnant of the Kingdom, ruling for the two years until Allexes would inherit the throne.

A year before his ascension at 17, Allexes was killed after him and his party were attacked by a pack of mountain lions while hunting within the Demmatrodine Shrub Country. To mourn, Sammus remained home and did not continue his education at a school. Pomanay became the heiress apparent at the age of 16. At her brother's funeral procession through Fulfwotz, her carriage became separated from the rest of the cortege at an unspecified time and did not return. Not being able to easily see outside her carriage's woven screens, it is likely she did not know she was being led away from the procession. She has been missing ever since 1905, and her disappearance has spawned many conspiracy theories as there were virtually no witnesses to her departure. It is said after the death of Allexes and supposed kidnapping of Pomanay, brother Matares became extremely pious and a devout follower of the Orthodox Sammichian Trinity. in 1906, he joined the clergy, which effectively disinherited from the throne or any other political position. The only remaining heir was Sammus, who was 16 at the time and required two years before he was eligible for rule.

Castle Mugg Fire

In the early morning hours of October 14th, 1906, a large fire broke out in the upper floors of the Imperial Family's residence, Castle Mugg. No attendants were between the floors where the fire started and those of the family's apartments, so they could not be reached as the fire burned out of control. It reached the chambers of Queen Balay as she slept, who was already doomed the moment she woke up. Believing it to be nighttime and disoriented, evidence suggests she lit an oil lamp and opened the door to the hallway where the fire was burning, and most likely dropped it in surprise, igniting herself. She died from burn wounds at the age of 53. The fire had not yet reached Sammus's chambers, which were on the opposite end of the level. Awoken by shouting from below and the shrieks of his mother, he was able to evade death by fashioning a rope from his bedsheets and rappelling down the wall from his window. Now the only eligible person for rule, an exception to the age law was made and with most of Castle Mugg in near ruins, he was coronated in a private and rushed ceremony on the castle lawn.


Birth of Fulfwotz Imperialism

In the early years of Sammus's rule, there was no significant change in the policies his mother and father put forth during their reign as the new king was still finishing his education; rule of Fulfwotz was left largely to the High Chancellor at the time, Aliza Nazim Khalifa. Sammus finished his education in 1909 at the age of 18 and assumed full rule, relieving Khalifa of provisional rule. In school, Sammus was noted as having an innate fascination with Xamichia and the history of the ancient civilization, something which might had contributed to his desire to expand the kingdom. In 1910, he petitioned before the Chancellery to annex the nearby village of Al' Zingahashbrown, something which the Chancellery ultimately disagreed with. The decision was overturned after Sammus invoked the first of his five Ultimatums, and Al' Zingahasbrown was peacefully annexed in exchange for protection from desert barbarian tribes.

The tax revenue and resources the annexation brought to the table had softened the Chancellery's view of imperialism, and in 1911, Sammus again addressed the Chancellery with a plan to absorb the villages of Summerstone and Greenvale, which gained support and was backed by the Chancellery. A peaceful deal was struck with Summerstone, which was already on friendly terms with the kingdom, but Greenvale proved to be less cooperative; the Baron of Greenehill, the lord of Greenvale, was threatened by the notion of having to answer to a higher power and had a turbulent relationship with King Drefnex. It was said that the Baron spat on the ground before Sammus during negotiations in Fulfwotz. Sammus directed a 10-day siege on the village. The gates were opened after the citizens of Greenvale became tired of the fighting and the Baron's pride. He was exiled and Ebert Crims was installed as Chancellor. Now controlling a good portion of the northern Demmatrodine Region, news of the kingdom's new-found power spread and provoked an interest in the nation. It gained many trading partners and grew its wealth at this period.

Return of Drefnex

Having become a more prominent nation at the international level and much wealthier, Sammus's father, Drefnex, returned in 1913 after having been abdicated of his own accord to marry Cassiopeia Ceppides. It was said that he did not bother speaking to his son, and instead went straight before the Chancellery and argued for his reinstatement as King. The Chancellery rejected his demands a total of 18 times, until King Sammus himself had to get involved. While Drefnex addressed the Chancellery again, supposedly drunk, Sammus entered the Chancellery Assembly Hall, and attempted to convince his father to step down. Angry, Drefnex struck Sammus and the two engaged in a physical fight before the Chancellery. Drefnex was dragged from the room by the Imperial Magistrax Militae, and exiled to the Ich family estate, Niflheim Palace.