Demonic Blood

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The story will come between Juni 2018 and September 2018!!!

Act I - Xindra the Magician

Here we will find out how the Xitau nation started to cooperate with evil.

Chapter 1 - The Elder Higridon

Chapter 2 - Portal creation

Chapter 3 - Killing the king

Act II - Dark Magic

The forest of Jilian was the darkest place in Dawn Axillios Lands, and something evil was born there.

Chapter 4 - Fight between brothers

Chapter 5 - Highlord

Chapter 6 - Prince of Darkness

Act III - Earthquake

A story about the hidden goals of the Xitau nation, how they freed the demons from their sealed prison.

Chapter 7 - Dragosh

Chapter 8 - The seven pillars

Chapter 9 - Stone of Evil

Act IV - The Defiance of the Dwarfs

To fullfill the dark goals, the Xitau started an not known war against the old nation of dwemer underground.

Chapter 10 - The black death

Chapter 11 - Crystal Hall

Chapter 12 - Mythindil Hammer

Act V - The resistance of nations

The demons were not enough to win against the nations, and so another portal to underworld was made.

Chapter 13 - Underground portal

Chapter 14 - Demon Lords

Chapter 15 - The end of evil


Main characters

  • Magician Xindra (Xitau)
  • Elder Higridon (Xitau)
  • King Urimidias (Xitau)
  • Highlord Pishlin (Xitau)
  • Lord Gru'dsham (Orc)
  • Paladin Achillion (Gayanian)
  • Dark Prince Pythidon (Demonic)
  • Protector Burandil (Dwemer)
  • Warrior Abigrum (Dwemer)
  • Priest Himina (Human)

Other characters

  • Acolyte Pillina (Xitau)
  • Elder Akutron (Xitau)
  • Priest Quiblyn (Human)
  • King Drumdiban (Dwemer)
  • General Vallindot (Dwemer)