Castle Mugg

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Castle Mugg is the primary royal residence of Emperor Sammich the Magnificent, monarch of the New Sammichian Empire. It sits on a small island off of the coast of Fulfwotz, the Imperial Capital. It is among the oldest and largest strongholds built in the PRY Era. Originally constructed by the Lilladonians in 152 PRY, it has stood the test of time thanks to sturdy and well-planned Lilladonian construction. The castle has been home to a large number of monarchs, both Lilladonian and Sammichian.



Castle Mugg was first constructed by the Lilladonians under the name Fort Edonia in the classic Lilladonian style of Gothic-Chateauesque. The foundations were laid in 150 PRY after gold was discovered beneath Fauna (Fulfwotz), and the Lilladonians spared no expense in making the castle imposing and a symbol of Lilladonian dominance over the Shire. The overseer of construction was the nefarious Lord Thryselius, Lord of Fauna. He was known to abuse and execute those who showed a sense of lacking in drive or effort. Construction of the main keep was completed in 152 PRY, with additions being built in 150, 143, and 141 PRY.