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UBIA CASE-04 "Fire Mage Tower" (Unsolved)

Owner: Presumably 'Phartanox'

Date of Completion: 2014 or earlier.

History: Unknown

Coordinates: -1150 113 -1934


  • Excessive use of smooth stone slabs.
  • Purple wool roof, with intention of making a smooth purple roof, indicating concrete does not exist yet at the time of construction.
  • Located on a floating island.
  • A sign that reads "Fire mage master (couldn't get him heated)"
  • Nebnotes: This floating island was completed around the same time its neighbor Whitevale was built. It likely pre-dates 2014. cwsf_123 built Whitevale next door, he undoubtedly will have knowledge on who completed the tower
  • A recent interview with formerly presumed owner of Case-08 MrKundi has revealed that MrKundi was the real builder of Whitevale, and he says a certain 'Batman' knows more.